Hi everyone:
I thought I'd introduce myself on the forum, though I have been reading here for a bit now.

Basically I've come at an interest in fragrance by way of incense - wanting to know what the different component substances smell like. And of course, I discovered that lots of the ingredients are used in both domains. That in turn led to trying some wearable fragrances, which has become a small passion now.

A couple of favorites already: Amouage Epic Man and Regence Kolnisch Juchten.

Although this may sound odd, there is also a scent I really like from a boot waterproofer that contains pine tar and beeswax. Not that I've _worn_ it of course, but those sorts of tarry leathery notes are great.

Also thinking about trying Aouds, but dont know quite where to begin. I'd love to be able to get a wearable fragrance that has the aloeswood scent of a good Shoyeido incense - say Tenpyo in the Horin series.

I'll be in Dubai in a few days and will try to revisit the Abdul Samad Al Qurashi shop there. I have been reading through the absolutely humongous Aoud thread... which leads me to think I should try a kambodi or borneo first (not sure I'll like the barnyard notes of the Indians at this point). May also try a Khalta or two when I'm there. Last time I got a couple of blends for presents - with rose and saffron. Those are nice also.

So thanks to everyone for the many reviews and comments. It'll be quite a a fun journey learning about this world of fragrance.

Any thoughts of things to try are most welcome!