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    Default Brands Section Preview

    Hi all, it's 2.30am here and I really should be getting to bed, but just wanted to share this with you. It's a preview of the new brand pages.

    Here's a screenshot of the main page - very similar to how it is at the moment. The numbers in brackets refer to the fragrances made by that company - clicking on that will show you the fragrances in the directory - clicking on the name, will lead to the brand bio page.

    You can also view brands by category, this one is 'celebrity'

    ... or by country, this is UK

    Finally, here's a preview of the actual brand page, with some additional notes on the right hand side. There is biographies in some cases, but I've not written on for arden yet...

    Goodnight all!

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    Default Re: Brands Section Preview

    Looks great Grant, very cool!
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    Default Re: Brands Section Preview

    Looks great!

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    Default Re: Brands Section Preview

    Whoa! This is going to be a great resource.
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    Default Re: Brands Section Preview

    Is this cool or what?

    Looks like I'll be spending even more time on Basenotes!

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    Default Re: Brands Section Preview

    Very nice feature!

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    Default Re: Brands Section Preview

    Impressive! And useful!
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    Default Re: Brands Section Preview

    It looks wonderful, Grant... but I hope you managed to get a decent night's sleep!!

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    Many thanks.
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    Default Re: Brands Section Preview

    This will be very helpful! Thank you!

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    Default Re: Brands Section Preview

    Keep it up mate. It looks like a big improvement!

    Scents I have that are not in the database.

    Amouage Molook Attar
    Full Incense - Montale
    Oudh Lacquer by Soivohle
    Shalimar Ode de la Vanille by Guerlain
    Mukhalat Makaki Perfume Oil by Swiss Arabian
    Man Amber by Halston
    Absolue pour le Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian
    Puro Intense by Nejma

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