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Thread: Rose scents

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    Default Rose scents

    I'm curious to know if you prefer Malle Lipstick Rose or L artisan drole de rose? I often see these compared.

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    Default Re: Rose scents

    Lipstick rose by far - it's richer, fuller, deeper, and leaves me with luscious lips! I definitely prefer it L'Artisan's droll rose any day, which comes across pale and soapy on my skin.

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    Default Re: Rose scents

    They are similar and often compared to each other, due to prominent notes of rose and violet. But, I would definitely have to pick Lipstick Rose as my favorite of the two.

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    Default Re: Rose scents

    Another vote for Lipstick Rose over Drôle de Rose.

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    Lipstick Rose wins with me too.

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    I own the Drole which is more violet roses going on. Lipstick Rose is also lovely but has more of a kick. It really does smell like how a Chanel lipstick used to smell.

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    Default Re: Rose scents

    Lipstick Rose
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