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    Question problem about heart note

    Dear all,

    I have always found the problem of my blends about heart note.
    Do anyone ever unsatisfied with this phenomenon?
    The headspace scent and the whole scent for early time (about 2-3 min) is OK or great, but after top note has gone
    it's going to powdery or too complex.

    It's not harmonize, indeed!

    Today I've blend "Rose_marry". I've use the top note of rose, galbanum, musk
    and for the middle note I've use so many ingredient eg.

    lilial 2
    lyral 6
    hedione 4
    vertenex 2
    benzyl iso eugenol10% 2
    geraniol 2
    Iso eugenol 0.2
    benzyl propionate 1
    alpha-methyl ionone 1

    The whole scent quite smooth but after 3 mins. it gonna too powdery.

    Please help me.
    No perfect perfume without Bias.

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    Default Re: problem about heart note

    Actually I just want clean or watery in the middle note.
    Does too much lilial cause too powdery?
    No perfect perfume without Bias.

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