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    Default Guerlain DAWAMESK bottle

    I was just wondering if there was a " going rate " so to speak for these beautiful bottles ? I have seen a Dawamesk blue with gold overlay Baccarat bottle for sale for what I consider a reasonable price , it does however have a small chip on the lip which doesnt detract at all really

    Any help would be great , thanks

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    Default Re: Guerlain DAWAMESK bottle

    A few have recently sold on evilbay at what I would consider great prices at around the $265 mark. I think if its in good condition (minimal scratching or chaffing to the gold patina etc) then anything under $300 is worth considering. If it is boxed, and/or still has perfume, then the sky is the limit.
    Does this particular one still have perfume PM? If yes, then GO FOR IT, as it is one of the most spectacular leather-based scents which I would liken to a female "Derby".

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