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    Default Foot-odor: a new unit of measure (funny story)

    Just to show you what an idiot I am, I was watching a re-run of Food Network's "Chopped" (For those who don't know, its a single-elimination cooking competition with a basket full of mystery ingredients).

    I should preface this by saying that I am a fan and lover of science, and recently the term foot-candle has come up a lot at work; its a unit of measure of 1 lm/sq ft. I am also a HUGE fan of smell science and the flavor and fragrance industry (the science end of it)

    This was an episode I have seen before. In it, one of the chefs is making a papaya puree and says, and I quote, "The flavor profile is really gonna help me reduce the foot odor of the papaya. Now it's time to make the curd." (link to transcript:

    So, not using my brain, I say, "Huh. That's a new one. I never heard of a unit of measure called a foot-odor. THATS PRETTY COOL!"

    So...I Google it.

    Turns out, it has nothing to do with a pungency radius, but rather smelly feet. Who knew?

    And to compound this, (and I blame my brain tumor [yes I have one]), this was a rerun I HAVE SEEN. And when the Google results came back, I remembered that the last time I saw this episode, I did the same f**king thing.


    The good news is I make have invented a new unit of measure. Because well, really a smell only travels so far. The distance from where it ceases to be detected from its source could be 500 foot-odors, or something.
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    Default Re: Foot-odor: a new unit of measure (funny story)

    hahahahaha never heard that joke before.

    My 4 year old daughter had extremely stinky sweaty feet. We compared the smell to an old bag of wet corn chips.

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    Default Re: Foot-odor: a new unit of measure (funny story)

    Funny stuff!

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