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    Lightbulb Nirmala by Molinard.

    For those who find Habanita part of their wardrobe I suggest giving Nirmala a try. Like Habanita it starts out a bit feminine but shortly thereafter is a very nice fruity (not over the top) fragrance. If you like Angel then this is a more restrained version, which is very pleasant. Like most of the Molinard fragrances it is available at bargain prices at the discounters. I found it worth the blind buy.

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    My girlfriend likes Nirmala, I bought her a bottle a couple of months ago. I've got a 10ml sample of it for sale which is part of an unused sealed boxed set. £13 for 50ml worth of Molinard

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    Default Re: Nirmala by Molinard.

    My wife likes it too and wears it from time to time.

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