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    Default How Safe is

    The only reason I ask is because recently, I have been seeing an abundant amount of consumer reports with bad experiences than that of good experiences, yet there are some particular fragrance that I've only seen offered on that site. Has anyone here had any problems with

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    I have purchased several times from them and everything has been fine.

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    I've never had a problem with them and I have probably ordered from them more than a dozen times.

    I've had orders that were mixed up a couple of times, but they immediately corrected the problem and were very polite and professional.

    Some of the dupes are incredibly accurate, and some miss the mark entirely, but they have a very inexpensive sample program where you can get 5 X .75ml samples to sniff for $3 including postage which is a very cheap way to weed out the oils you won't like before dropping money on a full bottle. They also allow people to review the oils which is another great way to get an idea if an oil will work for your project or not.

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