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    Default Well, just perfect.

    I just came back from the doctor's and, as it turns out, I do not have strep throat as I had expected.

    I actually have a sinus infection, which is draining into my ears, down my throat (causing soreness), causing a fever, and draining into my lungs, causing bacterial bronchitis. It doesn't help that I have moderate asthma and severe allergies.

    I've been given an inhaler and strong antibiotics to clear it out, but I've got to avoid cologne for the next week and a half or so.

    Go figure, I just bought a new bottle... D'oh!

    I'll see you all when I see you.
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    Default Re: Well, just perfect.

    Yikes! Well, I hope the medication helps and you feel better soon!
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    Default Re: Well, just perfect.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery and in the meantime, you'll be able to look forward to spraying that NEW bottle soon.

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    Default Re: Well, just perfect.

    Sorry to hear about your trouble. Take care and get better soon so you can enjoy your fragrances again.
    In the meantime, you can use CdG Original EDP. There's a myth that it acts like a medicine and it'll make you feel
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    Default Re: Well, just perfect.

    Absence makes the heart/nose grow fonder!

    Get better soon.
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    Default Re: Well, just perfect.

    Get well soon and be sure to catch up with all the frags you enjoy!

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    Default Re: Well, just perfect.

    Poor dear! Take your medicine, take hot showers to loosen the gunk, use lots of tissues and fondle your bottles!


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    Default Re: Well, just perfect.

    Hope you get well soon. I, too, experience a lot of sinus/allergy issues. When mine flare up, I generally break out my Gendarme. It was supposedly designed for people with allergies. I have found that to be true, as it is the only one I can wear when mine are severe.

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