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    Default Serge Lutens acquisition

    Picked up Chene and Ambre Sultan today. I knew I wanted Ambre Sultan but I went back and forth between Chene and Chergui for about 10 minutes before finally deciding i like the prevalent wood scents in Chene. Chergui is nice but i need to try it on myself for a working day before deciding. Sometimes the scent that remains after you perfume yourself is not as nice as the top and mid notes. I love paco rabanne's 1 million but the lingering base scent gives me a headache.
    Chenes leaves a nice woody & smoky aura behind.
    Chene reminds me of a more mature Comme des Garçon wonderwood. Wonderwoodnis rather mature while Chene is more . It's like the woods used for wonderwood are the younger trunks of tree while the woods used for Chene are from the same forest but deeper inside from the more mature, intense trees. They are definitely related.

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    8 hours later, I can smell the tree sap. The note of sap was not distinct earlier on in the dya. Perhaps due to the overpowering rum note. But now the sap and this smokey scent is what remains. The smokey note reminds me of walking very near to an alpine village in winter, all you can see are the stars, and smoke from the many many chimneys in the village homes. The smell of the forest mixed with the distant burning of forest wood is exactly what I smell.

    This is definitely not a work or day perfume.
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    Default Re: Serge Lutens acquisition

    I like the way you described Chene! You're making me wanna buy it! hahahahaha Congratulations on your Lutens!

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    Default Re: Serge Lutens acquisition

    Whao... I had to put on some Chene myself after reading your post!

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    Default Re: Serge Lutens acquisition

    haha thanks volley.

    glad you indulged supperman.

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