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    Default My FAOFTD (fragrant adventures of the day)

    So I had the day off from work, school, AND boxing training today so what was I to do with myself? Entertain my nose of course! So I set off on a big adventure collecting samples and talking to SA's. I started out at Neiman Marcus, tried out quite a few things and got samples of Noir de Noir, Virgin Island Water, and somehow through lots of talking walked out with a tester of VT! It only had about 10ml left but still! Next I stopped by saks and got a sample of the new By Kilian and the two new Bonds. Went across the street to the palazzo and went in the Dior boutique and got a bois d'argent sample. Theeennn I went to the guerlain boutique and finally tried the famed Spiriteuse Double Vanille. All I can say is holy crap that stuff is good! And this is coming from a guy who thinks Tobacco Vanille smells like a cheap candle and Sublime Vanille is a "meh" fragrance at best! Definitely on my to buy list now.

    I saved my favorite store for last, Barneys! Almost all the fragrance SA's know me there. I ended up walking out with huge bois d'orage and about fifteen samples! lol among my samples the newly exported cuir mauresque, bas de soie, and CdG luxe champaca. So anyways, kind of a random post, but I had an amazing fragrance filled day and had to share it with people that wouldn't doze off ten words in lol

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    Default Re: My FAOFTD (fragrant adventures of the day)

    Sounds like fun!

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