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    Default Article: The Science of Scent at Harrods Perfume Diaries

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    Thanks very much for this. Sounds like it was an interesting evening.

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    Great account!

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    Thanks for your account Nick.

    I thought it was a well balanced and interesting evening and I'm glad I went 30 minutes earlier and got a seat!

    Learn 10 notes a day for 2 years and you too can be a Jacques Huclier.

    I too voted for false rose, the real absolute was way too strong and un-rose-like.

    The issues of keeping people in the areas were the naturals were sourced from rather than them being drawn from the land to the cities was well done.

    And "lonely lilac" was so much better than slightly abused lilac and Gucci Guilty.

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    Appreciate the article!

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    Thanks for the comments!
    NevilleM - I agree, the thing about Rose oil and Rose absolute is that it doesn't smell "like" Rose, it smells "like" Rose oil or Rose abs. I was amazed by just how loud the absolute was.

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    Thanks for a good read!
    What was the dilution of the rose abs? It is usually used at 5%-20% at a quantity of a few drops in a concentrate. It is a very powerful, concentrated oil and the amount they put on that card my have been enough for several bottles of perfume. They should have matched the odour strengths for a reasonable comparison. It sounds like they set that up somewhat.
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    They didn't mention the concentration of the rose abs - although some people did prefer it to the lab rose.

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