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    Question Axe/Lyinx TEMPEST - Similar fragrance ?

    I read with interest Grantīs article about Lynx Tempest.
    I remember it as the only fragrance from that series that was remotely worthy of praise. I seem to remember that they were all more or less rip-offs of designer fragrances. Can anyone remember which fragrance Tempest was similar to ?

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    Default Re: Axe/Lyinx TEMPEST - Similar fragrance ?

    I don't know about designer fragrances, but I have heard from a range of sources that Lynx Click, Right Guard Sport and "one of the FC UK sprays" all smell like Lynx Tempest.

    Since buying Lynx Click, I can categorically state that it smells absolutely nothing like Tempest.

    Right Guard Sport smells quite nice but I'm not sure how similar it is to Tempest.

    I've also bought FCUK Absolute Zero, Copper and Urban. Out of these three, I would say Urban is the best and probably "most like" Lynx Tempest. That being from what I can remember of Lynx Tempest - which isn't much, other than the fact that I loved it.

    Lynx Tempest was awesome. It carries so many memories for me. I wish they'd bring it back.

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