Saw this stuff sitting on the bottom shelf on clearance at Target. My stepson who is 10 is just starting to get into cologne, so we gave him a spritz. Seemed pretty strong for $4 so we bought the bottle. Well dang does this stuff last and last. I mean it just seems to linger forever. It is a highly synthetic sweet fake vanilla, some musk, some woody note has some sort of green note up top but I'd be darned to pick out what it was. Super highly blended it seems. I wore it the other day to see what it did on drydown and really nothing. Either my nose got used to it but all I smelled was a fake woody vanilla at the end. What was amazing is how jaw droppingly strong this was for the price.

Can't say I'd reguarly wear this, but on occasion it might be interesting, more synthetic than my usual liking.