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    Default Samples : Spray VS Stick/Dab

    Ok.... Twice I've had a sample in stick/dab form that when I finally get the fragrance and spray it.... it's different! It seems like that when you get a stick/dab sample you pretty much completely miss the opening. It's like the atomizing brings the whole opening out where the stick/dab takes you to the dry down from the get go.

    Is this something other people have found to be true?

    I have Mugler Cologne in splash form and now it makes me wonder if I'm missing the whole opening of it. I just might get myself an atomizer for it, try it through that and see if I am in fact missing a part of this cologne's experience.

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    Default Re: Samples : Spray VS Stick/Dab

    I prefer atomizers as well. Have not noticed a difference before, but then again didn't have much dab fragrances. But to think about it, yes you're right! sprayers are nicer, except that they waste more juice.

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    Default Re: Samples : Spray VS Stick/Dab

    Yes, I did notice my sample lasting waaaayyyyyy longer in the stick sample. I had a sample of Creed Tabarome Millesime with their stick sample thingy. I read reviews and people were going on about the ginger in the opening and I got none of it at all. Not even a hint of ginger. Got a bottle of it cheap today from a guy locally who was dumping some of his frags and this one was new with like two sprays out of it. So I want to give it a spray on my arm right there to make sure it's not a fake(side story about this will be posted tomorrow in the men's section!!LOL) and I have the sample with me to check it. I had gotten some on my fingers from the sample before I sprayed the bottle to compare and then spray my arm with the bottle.

    I'm like wtf!!! I'm sniffing and sniffing and I totally smell all the ginger on top people are talking about that I never smelled before and I just put some on to compare and no ginger from the stick sample. It's almost so surprisingly different I'm thinking to myself 'Is this a fake, too?' So I start talking to him for a bit about where'd you get the bottle? How long ago? Why sell it? I engage in some light banter about frags and everything. It's taking some time so it allows me to keep smelling it. As the ginger subsides over 10 minutes I can start to smell the more familiar scent I'm use to rise up and mix with the ginger.

    Within about a half hour it's full on into the smell I'm use to from the frag. Now I don't necessarily dislike the opening, it's different, quite a jolt to the nose if you weren't ready for it with all that pungent ginger. I like ginger in food and even love the smell of ginger in teas and stuff like that but it still was surprising to smell it so prominently and yet never to have even gotten a hint of it from my sample was just weird.

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