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Thread: Need coaching!!

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    Default Need coaching!!


    First, I've appreciated all of the information in the other threads. As a member of some other forums in my line of work, I know newbie questions are often met with, "DO A SEARCH!!" So, I want to be honest in saying that I have done some searching -- though by no means was it exhaustive. I want to make my intentions known: I have a few questions upon which I'd like advice, and, besides that, I likely will not be an active member of this community. I just want to smell better than I do now!

    Here are a few factors that may weigh into your thoughts: 34yr old male, mostly dress casual, cost (within reason) not a factor, seem to like what is classified as the gentleman/barbershop smell. Hate most of that stuff at Macy's. I like the gentleman/CEO smell -- but need to balance that with my age (34).


    1) A GENTLEMAN SMELL. I'm going to order some Guerlain Vetiver and some Rive Gauche per some other threads. Criticisms welcome.

    2) A LIME/LYME. In the past I've had Royall Lyme, and I just finished a bottle of Trufitt and Hill Lime. I LOVED the way Trufitt Lime smelled....but it would disappear by the time I left my bathroom. Can someone please recommend a lime that stay with you? I would literally spray myself with 15 squirts and it was gone within 10 minutes. Disappointing.

    3) I've read good reviews (from you guys) on Spanish Leathers. I am gun-shy to buy from Trufitt again... any recommendations?

    4) Lastly, can someone recommend me a bay rum? I've had Royall Bay Rhum, and the smell was okay -- but it too would disappear. I liked the rum smell...but I don't think the Royall was great smelling. I'm sure there is better out there.

    Are any of these redundant? I am greatly appreciative to any that take their time to respond.

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    Default Re: Need coaching!!

    geo f trumper has a nice bay rum, same as spanish leather from what i have heard.

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    Default Re: Need coaching!!

    Thanks, David! So are you saying the bay rhum and Spanish Leather smell the same?

    Obviously, my questions haven't generated much response -- in my experience, that generally means that a bad question has been asked. Can anyone advise me on how to improve my questions? Does anyone have any threads that come to mind for the questions I've asked?

    I've tried searching for "lime", and the search function isn't cooperating.

    My two main concerns are finding a lime and a Spanish Leather that actually hold and don't disappear within minutes.

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    No BAD question, just hard maybe.

    For me, I would just order as many samples as possible. And smell as many as possible. If you want to smell better than you do now, that is. For any weak fragrance to last on you, you have to pretty much bathe in it.
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    As Andrewthecologne guy said, no bad questions but yours are pretty specific so,perhaps, a bit harder to answer.

    Citrus scents are primarily used as topnotes and tend to disapate quite early on. You can re-apply during the course of the day to refresh, rather than overapply at the outset.

    Sample sample sample. is their a Saks or Neiman Marcus near you? Their selection and staff knowledge are better than at Macy's

    My suggestion to test for lime notes are:
    Lime, basil, and mandarin or sweet lime and cedar by Jo malone
    Pesian Lime and pepper- Henri Bendel
    Extract of Limes- Penhaligon
    Eau d'ete- parums de Nocolai
    Energy C Lime- comme des garcons

    Another citrus based unisex scent is Tuscan Soul by Salvatore Ferragamo

    I'm afraid i can't help with the Bay Rhum and the Leather scents

    have fun and good luck

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    Default Re: Need coaching!!

    Well, I wasn't going to answer, because I'm not a man, but, hey, why not?

    Re 1) I would very strongly advise against ordering a full bottle of anything unsniffed, and that's especially true for Guerlain Vetiver. It is, IMO, very definitely an acquired taste. I would advise sampling it - at the store, or from the various sample sources. If you can't find a cheaper source, The Perfumed Court has samples of darn near anything. They're wonderful, but expensive because they have to make their profit _from_ the samples; they don't sell bottles.

    Re 2) On the lime: Unfortunately, citrus _as_ citrus rarely lasts long. I say "as citrus" because there are fragrances that have citrus top notes that then transition to non-citrus base notes that last a while, but the citrus itself isn't lasting. One possibility is Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrien - it starts with citrus (lemon, not lime, though) and then shifts to cypress, which has enough resemblance to citrus to give the impression that the fragrance is lasting a while.

    Oh, yes, Jo Malone Sweet Lime & Cedar lasts a long time, too.

    On the fragrances disappearing - do you know for certain that they are disappearing, versus you getting olfactory fatigue and no longer smelling them? I can easily see lime vanishing; the leather surprises me.

    If you're spraying the fragrance somewhere like your chest or the front of your neck, where a steady supply will reach your nose, you may just be burning out on the smell. I'd recommend (1) spraying where the fragrance will have a less direct path to your nose (like the back of your neck instead of the front, for example) and (2) asking someone else - someone who hasn't been with you all day and therefore won't also be burned out - if they can smell the fragrance.

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    Default Re: Need coaching!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ChickenFreak View Post
    Well, I wasn't going to answer, because I'm not a man, but, hey, why not?
    LOL. Why not, indeed?

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    LOL... I am in the Midwest, and "guys" isn't necessarily used in a gender-specific way! So, I am glad you responded.

    Well-- I already bought the Guerlain Vetiver. And the Rive. Oh, well. I like vetiver smells, so I hope to like the Guerlain. I'll report back in a week or so and give my thoughts.

    I also bought several selections from Clubman. It was very cheap, and seemed to fit the barbershop bill. For the price, I couldn't go wrong... and I'd rather take the risk as opposed to having to go into the city, fight mall traffic, and spend a couple hours getting high because I am smelling those grotesque college-age scents!

    Definitely going to try the Jo Malone that you and Knit suggested. Will also try the Ferragamo... he makes cool shoes, so I'll try his cologne.

    Kinda disheartening to get the feedback on the longevity of lime. But, I appreciate the honesty. I was just a little frustrated with my $75 bottle of Trufitt & Hill that I BLEW through. DEFINITELY will sample any limes before I buy them (except for the Clubman, which was like $10. Then again, the Amazon feedback mainly said that it smelled like Lemon Pledge. )

    Thanks, everyone, for your assistance. I will reply in a week with my feedback as to my purchases.

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    I, too am a fan of the barbershop vibe and own several Clubman frags. If you haven't already, check out Tabac Original, Azzaro Pour Homme, Lagerfeld Classic and Avon's Black Suede. All of these have the old school barbershop thing about them. None of them break the bank either.

    I own Truefitt's Spanish Leather and enjoy it. It has decent longevity but is pretty linear: the way it smells after 30 minutes is how it smells a couple hours later. For some people, they'd like more complexity. Burberry London, Zino Davidoff and Chanel Egoiste have a similar leather note but add more complexity underneath.

    I also greatly enjoy lime but have also found it to be a fleeting note. I had Trumper's which I bought in Chicago on vacation and I actually mailed it back to the store! It lasted 20 minutes max. Rochas Moustache Concentree has a nice lime note and has good longevity, but it also has a pine element and a musky civet that some find overwhelming. I love it myself.

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    Default Re: Need coaching!!

    Montale's Aromatic Lime combines #1 and #2 into one scent. It is barbershop all the way, and is at the same time a nice lime scent. It has good lasting power and is an edp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JMF View Post
    Thanks, David! So are you saying the bay rhum and Spanish Leather smell the same?

    Obviously, my questions haven't generated much response -- in my experience, that generally means that a bad question has been asked. Can anyone advise me on how to improve my questions? Does anyone have any threads that come to mind for the questions I've asked?

    I've tried searching for "lime", and the search function isn't cooperating.

    My two main concerns are finding a lime and a Spanish Leather that actually hold and don't disappear within minutes.
    no, they are 2 diff frags, spn leather falls off sorry.

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    Default Re: Need coaching!!

    Well, for leather, based on your taste I recommend Creed's Royal English Leather. Very traditional, and very smooth. A bit expensive though.

    Can't help you with Bay Rums.

    Can't really help with Lime, either. Parfumerie Generale's Yuzu Ab Irato 09 has a nice minty lime top note, but the scent is not based on this.

    My barbershop favorites include Azzaro Pour Homme, Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, Rive Gauche (already on your list), and many traditional Eaux de Colognes, such as Guerlain Imperial and Eau de Coq, Acqua di Parma, and some more recent EDT takes on the traditional EDC theme: YSL Pour Homme, Dior Eau Sauvage, Monsieur de Givenchy. Speaking of Givenchy, I bet you'd like Givenchy Vetyver (reissued)...a, nice, traditional, soapy vetiver.

    You now have quite a few suggestions, so I suggest you order samples from The Perfumed Court. You will save a lot of money and time, and sampling will allow you to make a better long-term choice.
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    Default Re: Need coaching!!

    Wow, thanks everyone!

    I said I would report back with my results, and I was happy to see a few more had responded.

    Without further adieu --

    1) I bought all of the Clubman scents. I kinda like the lime! I does smell like a household cleaning agent, but I dig that. The bay rum, IMO, is as good as my Royall Bay Rhum. The Royall has some more spice/clove stuff going on, but they are comparable for a virginal nose as my own. I also got Special THAT is a barbershop aftershave!! Good stuff. In summary: Clubman stuff is good enough -- especially considering the price.

    2) I bought Rive Gouche. This, to me, smells very much like what I'd expect a wealthy guy wearing a $3000 suit to smell like. It didn't solve all of my problems, but it is good enough to work into the rotation...especially for a dressier occasion.

    3) I bought Guerlain Vetiver. I had just finished off a bottle of Royall Vetiver, and for some reason expected this to be quite a bit different. To me, they smell about the same! That is fine, as I like vetiver...I really, really enjoy this smell. But, check this out: I went to my gym and was talking with my trainer and his girlfriend. I told them I was sampling colognes, looking for input. They BOTH thought the Guerlain Vetiver smelled "girly"!! The girl thought it smelled like powder. I found this funny, as you guys seemed to unanimously find it to be exceedingly masculine.

    I like it. I feel a tad insecure now with it -- but I like it.

    I also ordered a sample kit from Truefitt and Hill.

    Okay, I'll be straight: I really like their image. I really like their company. I really want to like their products! But man, they just don't hold. At all.

    For me, if the Truefitt Lime would hold, it would be the perfect product. As well, for a more dressed-up gentleman smell, I love Trafalger. Grafton is okay. But none of them hold.

    All my hopes were resting on Spanish Leather. holds like a champ. But, I didn't like it. There were parts of it that I really liked, and there were parts of it that smelled like stale bar smoke (to me, at least).

    So, for now, I smell good enough, I guess!

    I'll report back in a week after I check out some of these suggestions.

    Thanks so much for the help. This is an invaluable resource.

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    Default Re: Need coaching!!

    Ah, kudos to you for this thread. This is how a recommendations request should be written. I probably won't be of much help to you, but I wish all the new people would make their recommendation requests in this forum which states specifically what they want instead of "I want a clubbing fragrance that will make the girls go gaga over me, I'm a young confident successful guy if that helps!". Anyhow.

    For the gentleman fragrance, good choices you've got there. I'd also recommend silver shadow and Zino by davidoff. Or also, if you're into it, something with tobacco since tobacco usually gives a more mature guy type of feel while still being attractive at a casual level. Honestly all the tobacco fragrances I can think of are a little expensive, except Arami havana and aficionado or however it's spelled

    Lime: Not a big fan of lime here, but Azure Lime by Tom Ford, though it's a little pricey. Honestly it will be hard for you to find a good long lasting lime fragrance. It's just a note that doesn't last long, as it is with most citrus notes, unless it smells extremely synthetic.

    Spanish Leather: I honestly don't know what's Spanish leather, or how it's different from any other leather. But good Leathers I know of are Tuscan Leather which is italian leather right? and Fuel for Men by DKNY. Both are very strong and long lasting

    Rum: Again, another thing you're asking for that I've hardly found in cheaper fragrances. Frapin carries cognac based fragrances, which is close enough I would think. There are countless boozy fragrances I can think of but if you want rum, I'm not sure. Whiskey is more common and I'm not sure how that compares to rum.

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    Default Re: Need coaching!!

    Ogallala makes the best bay rum going. They have a few variations (of which the lime & peppercorns is my favourite). The prices are reasonable -- look for the sampler -- and they reward repeat customers. Their shaving soap is excellent, too. Well, so is their bath soap. OK, you get the picture.

    Lots of bay rums on the market from the barbershop world, but I really consider the Ogallala the best. Pinaud's is fine, as are most of the others such as Master Well and other traditional barber supply companies.
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    Default Re: Need coaching!!

    Apart from the already brilliant suggestions on this thread, here are a few more at least worth testing:

    Creed Original Vetiver- has something very crisp and soapy about it, while managing to remain very gentlemanly and conservatively elegant (though also a strikingly modern scent at the same time)
    Gucci Nobile (discontinued today, but still available thanks to several trustworthy online retailers) and Loewe para Hombre- two very powerhouse frag, both with a certain citrus-herbal and even marginally barbershop-like edge
    Blenheim Bouquet and Opus 1870- both extremely classy frags in a very British manner, the first leaning towards a classic citrus, the second with a slightly more contemporary woody-spicy edge

    while few or none of my suggestions are actual barbershop frags, you may find in them quite a few tasteful and gentlemanly conservative style notes

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    Default Re: Need coaching!!

    Guerlain vetiver and Rive gauche are very good choices.

    Lime? Hmmm? Green Water by Jacques Fath.

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    Reading this thread Czech & Speake's Cuba sprung to mind. It has your lime, rum, leather and vetiver; it reminds me of a mojito on a leather coaster, being drunk by a slightly disreputable ex-pat.
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