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    Question Experiences with Scentsplits?

    Hello all - I am at the point in my sniffing experience where I've used up my samples of some fragrances I think I would like to own, but I'm not ready yet to invest in a big 'ole bottle. An 8-10 ml decant of some of the things I'd like to try further seems the best bet. And while I've been able to find a 15 ml bottle once in a while on Ebay, those don't come along that often. So I ran across the site, and it seems to be a good solution - less expensive than TPC, for example. But....I've not bought anything here before, so I'd like a little feedback from you guys.

    I can see where some list their MUA or Basenotes user names, presumably so that I can check their feedback on that site, so that helps. But I'd still like the yay or nay from my Basenotes buds to boost my comfort level.

    Have you bought from anyone on Scentsplits before? What was your experience?

    And to those of you who have listings there, I mean no insult to your integrity - I just want to be a little cautious before I lay out the cash!

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    Default Re: Experiences with Scentsplits?

    There are alternatives. I can't personally vouch for any of these, but they're out there...
    I think your approach makes sense. I have many 10ml decants and haven't finished them, meaning a 30-50-100ml bottle would have been overkill. In many cases I've just traded to get them so they didn't even cost me anything.

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    Default Re: Experiences with Scentsplits?

    Thanks for the links above Master-Classter. There were a couple I've not come across before, so I'll check those out

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    Default Re: Experiences with Scentsplits?

    I joined scentsplits and even put in a request to someone who had a list up. Never heard back.

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    Default Re: Experiences with Scentsplits?

    I've bought from one of the BN members on Crystal Flacon and have been satisfied.

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