Hi everyone

I come to you , because il have a very close friend of mine who asked me something . I have a few ideas about the answer but would like also your opinions .

Sh's been wearing Chanel N19 since ever ...It's her favourite ..in edt , edp and extract .
But she finds that with the reformulations , there's a change in the drydown , probably due to the change in the oakmoss , and she regrets to love it less than before

So , she asked me a perfume that could replace her 19

I said , that in my mind " Bas de Soie" was too light . Eau du Soir : too bitchy ( very nice perfume nevertheless )
She already tried Y and Calandre ...but it's not the "love at first sniff"

I said that i'm sure she would have loved the former "Vent Vert" -Balmain in extract . She already has the former Vent Vert -Balmain in eau de toilette but the extract would have been perfect .
Anyway , as it's difficult to find anyway , it's out of question

Would you have any other ideas , please?
I said she coulf also look in brands like Maitre Parfumeur ou Nicola , to have something less usual...

Thank you very much for your ideas and cheers from France