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    Default Parfums DelRae Mythique

    Please add:

    A little-known iris-and-cedar scent is Parfums DelRae Mythique, by perfumer Yann Vasnier. For some reason this is not in the Basenotes Directory. Here's some information on it:

    Top Notes: Mandarin, Italian Bergamot, Ivy
    Middle Notes: Peony, Jasmine Absolute Sambac, Florentine Orris Butter
    Base Notes: Sandalwood, Indonesian Patchouli, Musk Ambrette
    Yr good bud,


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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae Mythique

    Love Mythique!

    I second adding it, as well as Delrae Coup de Foudre, added after Mythique, also by Vasnier

    Coup de Foudre - released 2010(?)
    Top: Baie Rose, bergamot, italian lemon "sfumato", pink grapefruit
    Middle: Rose de Mai France orpur absolute, purple peony, Egyptian jasmine absolute, magnolia orpur
    Base: Tonka Venezuela, vetiver, white moss, velvet musk
    For sale: JL Scherrer parfum (reduced price) and more!

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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae Mythique

    +1 for adding this. I've not tried it on myself, but my girlfriend loves it and it smells great on her

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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae Mythique

    Most of Del Rae's are truly 'weird-shocking' creations to me, specially Emotionnelle (wtf?! I simply don't catch such a kind of bizarre & offensive scent, believe me) and also Amoureuse (which I love it on a paper strip, but sadly, that 'ultra-honeyed' didn't work on my skin chemistry at all).

    Then, Début. This is still 'Weird', but No Shock: Lovely One, masterfully well done, just maybe... too much ladylike effect and in some sense, quite a bit 'soliflore' (= I get lilies and more lilies) to my taste.

    I didn't pay much attention to Bois de Paradis, due to the number of sniffs I spent with all the rest... maybe next time.

    The one that seduced me from the very first time -still I'm under its spell- was Mythique !: No Weird, No Shock (simplicity in the best sense: there is no confusion here, but it's yet bewitching). I find it sexy as well as delicate and so delightful... beautifully balanced and, in addition to that, perfectly wearable for any occasion -from casual to glam-! I see as the womanly version of SMN Città di Kyoto and SL's Daim Blond (both I use to like and never purchased because of its lack of a more.... feminine character). Although there's no strawberries in the composition, in this magnificient Orris & Florentine Iris scent I get some 'strawberry illusion' (or maybe it's just because of the 'pink floral' notes I get? I'm not sure!), not in a very 'girly' sense, but in some vague 'juicy red' trace that makes it -just little bit- fruity feminine... just my own perception, huh...

    in short: heavenly Beautiful for Everyday & Night.
    perfectly suitable scent for men, sure (only I find more feminine than other Iris-leather fragrances)

    a winner!!!
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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae Mythique

    Bumping because I love this one. I would love to see all the Delraes from the past few years added: Emotionelle, Mythique, Coup de Foudre, and Panache.

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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae Mythique

    Quote Originally Posted by sucrose View Post
    Bumping because I love this one. I would love to see all the Delraes from the past few years added: Emotionelle, Mythique, Coup de Foudre, and Panache.
    Hopefully these get added soon. Why doesn't Grant permit someone to manage new additions? *raises hand to volunteer*

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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae Mythique

    My husband searched Mythique out for me while on a trip to NY. I had asked him to buy it, even though had never tried it before and it seems to be unavailable here in Australia. It was expensive and I expected it to be truly beautiful. I was basing my purchase purely on research. Well, it is truly different, and nothing like any fragrance that I have ever worn. Even though I wear it most days, to be honest, I am not a huge fan, partucularly, when first applied. Hoping that when combined with my own chemistry that it mellows somewhat to become less aggressive and a little sweeter. Sometimes, I layer it with a softer fragrance. Worn alone, I feel is not for everyone and probably, myself included. Interesting and certainly individual.

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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae Mythique

    Maybe the DelRae's can be entered into the directory? Mythique, and now a newer ones, Coup de Foudre and Panache. thank you.

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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae Mythique

    Just saw that most (all?) of the line is now in the directory, yay!
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