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Thread: Florientals!

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    Exclamation Florientals!

    What are a few of your favorite florientals? Byzance has apparently been discontinued <sob!> so at some point I'll need a replacement...

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    Attrape Coeur by Guerlain

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    Fleur Oriental by Miller Harris
    Vanisia by Creed
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    Is anyone familiar with Guerlain's Insolence?

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    You'd do well in exploring the Amouage line - it seems like almost everything they do is some kind of floriental! My favorite is Ubar, followed by Jubilation 25.

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    Jaipur pour Homme

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    Opium PH. An Oriental Floral spicy frag.

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    What about Givenchy Ysatis or Montana Parfum de peau? Both big floral oriental in a similar style of Bisances

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    Joop Homme which I believe was the first and last Floriental marketed toward men.

    Florientals came onto the market in the late 80's to early 90's and is a catagory for female fragrances only - These scents are very very powerful with huge sillage and strenght such are:

    Red Door
    Joop Femme
    White Diamonds
    Lou Lou
    Red Giorgio
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    Two that l've recently fallen in love with; Alien & Samsara.
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    Rochas Globe

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    Ysatis sounds promising, so does Amouage but I don't think it's carried by anyone in Chicago. I'll consider ordering a decant. What I did try today was Amarige. WOW! Not what I'm looking for but it has the greatest longevity of any fragrance I've ever tried. Seriously I put it on around noon and since then I've had a shower and washed my hands at least 8 times and IT IS STILL THERE! This is not merely a powerhouse, it's like weaponized tuberose! I wish I liked it enough to wear it.

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    I will second Jaipur Homme ( edt). Helioptrope over an oriental dry down. I did not like this one at first, but soon grew on me.

    Actually, I think this thread will allow me to explore more florientals. Thanks to the gentleman that started the thread
    Seeking: Bottles/decants : of Pomegranate Noir, Midnight in Paris EDP, Feeling Man, Essence of John Galliano, Azzaro pour Homme (vintage),...etc.

    Seeking decant/sample of PdE Ambre Russe, Jil Sander Feeling Man, Comme des Garcons 2 Man, Giorgio VIP, ....etc. I have samples to swap.

    More HERE
    Please PM me !

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    Go with the grandfather of them all...Hammam Bouquet.

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    You're welcome, Surfacing ;-) I'm glad it's something guys want to discuss!

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    My favorite floriental is the original Boucheron, which was marketed to women. It's gorgeous! More info here:

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    Tom Ford's Black Orchid and Bond 9 Chinatown. I'd also like to add Kingdom by Alexander McQueen and YSL Nu edp. Both are actually classied as oriental-spicy (again according to, but since their up-front floral notes I personally consider them as florientals.

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    Thanks Haunani- Boucheron sounds great. I've put it on my must-sniff list for tomorrow. GGA I know Chinatown gets a lot of good press. I've been avoiding it because of the oft-mentioned lacquer accord, but I'll give it a whirl tomorrow too, as well as revisiting their DNA which they did exclusively for Saks.
    Also for discussion: Are powerhouse fragrances on their way back? I'm asking because as I've been out revisiting so many of them, I'm struck by how "new" they smell. I think we may be ready for a backlash against all the sterilized fragrance of the past decade or so. Amarige about knocked me out (literally!) and Poison, which I hated back in the day, seemed very appealing to me. What do you all think? BTW please also keep the conversation about florientals alive!

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    2 favorites:

    Guerlain's L'Instant: a heady magnolia over a thick vanillic amber base. Almost "too much" - almost.
    Hermes' 24 Faubourg: radiant indolic jasmine amber.

    Kudos to Amouage's Ubar, Epic, Gold: heavy-hitters.

    If you ever decide to try Jaipur pour Homme, also check out Arpege pour Homme. It has a similar heliotrope/iris/vanilla thing going for it, only using a woody base. The vanilla in Jaipur PH is pretty unctuous.

    Quote Originally Posted by blondex199667 View Post
    Is anyone familiar with Guerlain's Insolence?
    I've worn the edp a few times. It's a beautiful perfume that smells, to me, like an updated Apres L'Ondee (and I prefer it to ALO). I get a medicinal cherry up top, dry florals (violets?), and a vanillic dry-down. It's loud and linear. No amber or incense. Off-Scenter sums it up well in his review in the directory.

    BTW, what's Byzance like? Luca Turin dubs it an "incense tuberose", and the reviews on BN are pretty terse. Anything you can add?
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