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    Default A Scent for All Seasons

    Looking for opinions on a scent for a woman who is cultured and elegant (a bit of a WASP/preppie) that is suitable as a signature scent that can be worn in any season or time of day.
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    Default Re: A Scent for All Seasons

    Do you have any idea of the types of fragrances she likes...e.g., citrus, fresh/clean, musky, spicy, floral, woodsy. It would be easier to make recommendations. I find that appearances/social personae don't always predict taste in fragrance. Chanel comes to my mind when I hear cultured and elegant. But are you looking for a big "house" fragrance or a niche brand? I like Parfums de Nicolaï as well, from what I've sampled. Any more specific info you can give would be helpful. What is her lifestyle? Casual? Professional? Social/nightlife? Do you know what other fragrances she has worn? Is she open to new and innovative things, or does she prefer the classic and tried & true? Do you know whether she has any particular scent aversions? Knowing her approximate age might be helpful. Stuff like that.

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    Default Re: A Scent for All Seasons

    I automatically thought of Chanel too, and I think No.19 is an all-purpose, good for anytime, anywhere, beautiful, elegant, chic and sophisticated fragrance. And despite its incredible popularity among basenoters, it's not a fragrance you're going to smell on everyone around you, which is important if it's going to be a signature scent.
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    A perfume my mother uses all year round, day or night and has received a lot of compliments whilst wearing this is Debut by DelRae Roth.

    Topnote: Bergamot, Lime, Ylang-Ylang, Green of Leaves
    Heartnote: Lily of the Valley, Linden Blossom (Tilia), Cyclamen
    Basenote: Vetiver, Sandalwood, Musk

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    Default Re: A Scent for All Seasons

    Cristalle, No. 19, Fleurissimo, Caleche.

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    Default Re: A Scent for All Seasons

    Eau de Merveilles EDT Hermes can be all year around with some "ammendments" in hot summer - Eau Claire de Merveilles EDT or during winter Elixir de Merveilles EDP

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    Default Re: A Scent for All Seasons

    Chanel no. 18 by Chanel
    Beige by Chanel

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    Default Re: A Scent for All Seasons

    Chanel No. 19, Chanel Cristalle, Guerlain Chant D'Aromes, Etro Etra, Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire
    Currently wearing: Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent

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    Default Re: A Scent for All Seasons

    Les Exclusifs de Chanel Bel Respiro by Chanel
    Les Exclusifs de Chanel 28 La Pausa by Chanel
    Chance Eau Fraiche by Chanel

    What about Ralph Lauren the ultimate Waspy
    Perfume Company
    Romance by Ralph Lauren

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    Default Re: A Scent for All Seasons

    Estee Lauder Beautiful, Private Collection,White Linen
    Dior Dioressence,Dune,J Adore
    Chanel 5,19
    Guerlain Jardins des Bagatelles ,Champs Ellysee
    YVL Paris,Y
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    Default Re: A Scent for All Seasons

    No 5 Eau Premiere

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