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    Default New Le Male SUMMER edition?

    Yesterday I came across something I never knew existed, a Summer version of Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male. So I came up to the SA, and asked her what it was all about. She told me it was "brand new", "had just come out two weeks ago", "same as the original but with stronger mint"
    Naturally, I doubt what she told me was true, so I come to you for help.. couldn't find it in the search bar.
    Here is a link with a picture of what appears to be the one I saw:

    What is this Le Male Summer?

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    Default Re: New Le Male SUMMER edition?

    Its a watered down Le Male with amped up Mint and Ginger (i think?). Its for people who find Le Male too strong for the summer and its ANYTHING but brand new. In fact its released every year with a new design

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    Default Re: New Le Male SUMMER edition?

    Thanks for the heads up, Neurosis.

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