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    I will be in San Fran next week. Where is their mecca of fragrances?...I got money to burn...

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    Not an expert on San Fran, but I would stop by Strange Invisible Perfumes because that line is nearly impossible to find anywhere else. Maybe check out their website first to see if you'd be interested.

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    SIP is in Venice, CA (LA area) and not SF. In SF check out Barneys, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave and Diptyque, all on Union Square. You can also check out Jacqueline perfumery on Union Square just down the street from Neiman's (run by a cranky old Frenchman that has some interesting and unique lines, eg Parfums Regence). There are others but these are where the bulk of fine fragrances can be found in SF.

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    Everything's within a few blocks of Union Square

    Saks Fifth Ave.
    Neiman Marcus
    Jacquline Perfumery
    Wilkes Bashford
    Burlington Coat Factory
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    rogalal's list basically cover it. More details here...
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    Neiman Marcus has a great selection, but the SA's upstairs seem to get a bonus for acting like asshats. I wish I didn't have to say this, but it's been true every visit. ( People who were in the Basenoter tour of shops back in April should remember the "Don't smell the fragrances!" guy, but there's always been one. ) The downstairs Men's section seems really nice, though.

    Saks also has a good selection, and much, much nicer SA's.

    Diptyque is really fun; I recommend it. I've always had a good experience there.

    Barney's is perfumery paradise, and I can't recommend it enough.

    Jacqueline perfumery is an interesting place and tends to have a lot of rare oldies.

    Hermes & Chanel have boutiques nearby if your interest is piqued by the exclusives.

    The best part about San Francisco is that all the stores are really close together, though some of them are kind of hidden away ( like Diptyque, down an alleyway ).

    Have a great time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by scentaddiction View Post
    I will be in San Fran next week. Where is their mecca of fragrances?...I got money to burn...
    When will you be in SF, and for how long? If I'm free when you are...
    Yr good bud,


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    Thanks so much for all the great advice, JaimeB I will be there all week, but I am free of any commitments on Sunday.

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