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    Default Where to get Pure Malt now?

    I checked BeautyEncounter, FragranceNet, and ScentedMonkey. None have it and Nodstrom won't send it to Australia.

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    Default Re: Where to get Pure Malt now?

    I recently picked up Pure Malt at National Pharmacies a few months ago, depending on the store and if you're lucky they may still have some Pure Malt left.

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    Default Re: Where to get Pure Malt now?

    Hi Doc, are you in Australia?

    Edit - I see, none in Queensland Interstate is a long drive for a bottle of Pure Malt!

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    Default Re: Where to get Pure Malt now?

    Yes I am.

    Definantely not worth driving interstate for a fragrance that you may not even find, I bought the last bottle of Pure Malt at the National Pharmacy here in Adelaide. I have no idea what they did with the bottle they opened up to use as a tester.
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    Default Re: Where to get Pure Malt now?

    try DutyFree. ask somoene to buy it for you if they fly
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