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    Default Dunhill for Men and Dunhill Edition Questions

    Hi All,

    So maybe its best to ask this question in parts... first, has the Dunhill for Men, the original from 1934, been discontinued? I've read through various posts and some seem to imply its still available direct from Dunhill or a few online retailers, others that what's out there is old stock. Any information appreciated...

    OK, so second question, I've also read that Dunhill Edition has been re-released, but I can't seem to find it anywhere online other then test vials or from places I don't really trust... is it now available, and if so can someone point me to a good source?

    Lastly, for anyone who's owned both, how would you compare the original to Edition? Is the latter an update or related scent, or completely different?

    Thanks much!



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    Default Re: Dunhill for Men and Dunhill Edition Questions

    I have Dunhill for Men and I tried Edition (from a decant someone gave me). The scents are not related in my opinion, I love For Men, didn't like Edition all that much (although it's certainly a quality scent). Sorry, I don't have the vocabulary to describe the differences accurately. For Men is rather subdued, Edition is more spicy.
    Dunhill For Men seems to be in production: I can buy it locally (here in The Netherlands) from the shop behind That shop specializes, among other things, in difficult to find classic fragrances. It's the only brick-and-mortar store I know where Dunhill For Men is sold.

    Dunhill Edition I've only seen on eBay, I know for a fact that the person who gave me the decant bought their bottle on eBay.
    Jan Pieter

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    Default Re: Dunhill for Men and Dunhill Edition Questions

    i too wonder about these 2.I wonder the differences in the current reformulations. I like all kinds of fragrances from sung homme to spicebomb to le male to i am all over the board but one thing that bums me in any fragrance is if it only lasts 2 hrs or if it becomes a skin scent from the get go...

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    Default Re: Dunhill for Men and Dunhill Edition Questions

    Dunhill for Men (1934) can still be found on discount websites. Edition was re-released a couple of years ago and can also be found on discount websites. I would get them before they're gone for good. Truefitt and Hill Trafalgar is almost identical to Edition if you can't find it.

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    Default Re: Dunhill for Men and Dunhill Edition Questions

    seems there is dunhill-1934 and its been reformulated and there is a dunhill for men 2003 as well as dunhill edition...the vintage dunhill 1934 and the edition vintage are not cheap now. The 2003 dunhill for me in a diff shape bottle doesnt get good reviews. kind of confusing....the dunhill 1934 and reformulation as well as edition are in similar looking bottles.

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    Default Re: Dunhill for Men and Dunhill Edition Questions

    Dunhill (1934) is one of the greatest and most influential perfumes ever created. I used to wish it would be re-released, but it now has, and I regret my words. The version manufactured into the early 2000's can still be had online for $50 or so. As for Edition, I have only tried the vintage version, and it was a strange affair, as it smelled very empty to me (I very well may be anosmic to some aspects of it), and it was mostly cedar and clove. For Men and Edition have nothing to do with one another in terms of scent. I do appreciate Dunhill's 2003 attempt to modernize the '34 version by simplifying and streamlining the scent into a lemony, mossy rose, but many dislike its chemical nature.
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