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    Default Invent a "Top Nose" challenge

    There will almost certainly never be a reality TV show that features perfumers competing for fame and fortune. Perfumery is neither a performing art nor an athletic endeavor. Fragrances can't really be appreciated visually, like fashion design or fine art. And unlike the culinary arts, the composition of fragrances doesn't involve ingredients the average viewer would recognize in isolation, or sharp knives and open flames, or mouthwatering plate presentations.

    But let's put all of that aside and pretend there's a new TV show called Top Nose. Tania Sanchez is the charming host, judging each challenge alongside Chandler Burr and Robin K. of Now Smell This, plus a rotating guest judge.

    What would be some fun challenges to test the noses each week?

    Here's a few ideas:

    • The noses are served an array of scrumptious desserts and then asked to create a gourmand fragrance inspired by the dish of their choice.
    • The noses are asked to create complementary masculine and feminine scents that can be layered together to create a third more unisex fragrance.
    • As the competition heats up, the surviving noses could face curveballs, like having to modify their work in progress to comply with a hypothetical new IFRA restriction.
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    Default Re: Invent a "Top Nose" challenge

    I think they should have to draw countries, and have to draw inspiration from the associated aromas of the countiries' respective cultures.

    You know this could be a reality, with the advent of Smell-o-Vision.

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    Default Re: Invent a "Top Nose" challenge

    There are a lot of food-themed TV programs even though you can't taste the food via TV. I think that there's room on Cable for some fragrance-themed programming.... maybe not a whole channel, but some programs anyway.

    How about Iron Perfumers. The Chairman has selected today's secret note... and now the challenger must face the Iron Perfumer to create an entire line of products for the judges in just one hour... here at laboratory stadium. On the challenger's side, they're firing up the high-pressure liquid chromatography. I don't know what they'll use that for. Meanwhile, the Iron Perfumer is sorting through... is that vetiver? Yes it is. It looks like he's formulating some sort of chypre. On the challenger's side, they're running something through the chromatograph there. What is that? It's lyche flower. That's going to be interesting. We'll be right back after these message...

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