I am trying to make a really special 50th birthday present for my husbands cousin, a someone with everything.... except a personalised perfume from me, an especially unknown artisan perfumer of no repute.

I have made it a few times now using my very best ingredients. These are the two I am happiest with but they are still not quite there. It is missing that 'something' light and special and I'm not sure what to use to lift it further into the top of the nose. My self created brief is this:-

'to imagine you are eating an orange in high church whilst feeling uplifted spritually'

Recipe 1 - It's nice, along the right lines, but not quite incensy enough or long lasting enough. I want to give it much more sparkle, more lightness of being.
4 mandarin
1 palmarosa
2 pimento leaf
5 neroli
2 cardomon
2 black pepper
1 cedarwood atlas
6 frankicense (my lighter one)
1 guiacwood
2 myrrh
1 ambergris
4 sandalwood spicatum
3 oakmoss

Recipe 2 - An adaptation meant to improve the longevity, but it's taken the whole blend down and is way too heavy. I'm putting it here only to show where I was going and why it may have gone that way. It is still a nice perfume but has gone in the complete opposite direction of where I wanted to go.
4 sweet orange
4 bitter orange
1 palmarosa
1 cardomon
2 black pepper
4 cedarwood atlas
4 indian frankincense (my heavy one)
2 frankincense (the lighter one)
1 guiacwood
1 myrrh
4 ambergris
4 sandalwood spicatum
2 oakmoss

I would like the perfume to have as light a touch as Comme des garcons series 3 Incense Jaisalmer, but mine are not nearly as bright and cologny as this.

I am being very heavy handed but don't yet know how to lighten up.
Has anyone got any thoughts on this they would care to share?