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    Default Re: Has a comment here ruined -or- enhanced a fragrance experience for you?

    I read on here that Tom Fords Oud Wood smelled like medicinal rubber. And that's all I could smell from the frag after reading that.I could not get the association out of my head and got rid of

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    Default Re: Has a comment here ruined -or- enhanced a fragrance experience for you?

    First, Ive enjoyed reading all of the posts. Some of the comments have been funny as hell. "Honeyed cat pee" anyone. Ive just started going higher end, and have Malles MR and French Lover, and VE. A family member said to me, You smell like an old whore.
    I was wearing Musc Ravageur.

    It has been said here many times, comments will not change whether or not I like a frag. And Ive never smelled cat pee, let alone with honey.

    Regards Rex
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    Default Re: Has a comment here ruined -or- enhanced a fragrance experience for you?

    Depends of the person who gived the comment.Most people are forgotten today what they've wrote yesterday so why should I care about their comments ? But I admit,some comments of some ,,famous" basenoters have some influence of my own feelings about some scents.

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    Default Re: Has a comment here ruined -or- enhanced a fragrance experience for you?

    Generally, I put weight into reviews from those who've written a lot of them (Foetidus and the like), and who share my opinion on some key frags. I'll use them as a basis for blind-buys. I find their comments generally expand my knowledge of a scent, and I can't count the number of times a review will talk about such-and-such a note, and it's like a lightbulb goes off in my head: "THAT'S what that note is!" I'm amazed at how well some people can put into words what I'm just kind of vaguely sensing from a scent.

    The one that confuses me to this day is the love for Bulgari Black. A complete impulse blind-buy, based on Turin's reviews and the many positive reviews here. I cannot stand it. All I get is burning rubber and vanilla. The rubber note is nostril-burning, and it's as though the vanilla was added to try and cover it up. To be fair, everyone talks about the rubber note, but they do so positively. To my nose, it's a 100% unacceptable note. My experience with Black was 180 degrees from my expectations, based on what I've read here. I try it every week, to see if it'll grow on me. Nope. I'm starting to think it's a big inside joke.

    The comment that I'm always suspicious of is the 'old man scent' comment. I don't like what I perceive to be an 'old man' scent, but I think we all have a slightly different idea of what an 'old man' scent might be. To me, it's something like Quorum, or Givenchy Gentleman. But to a younger group, 80's powerhouses might be considered 'old man' scents. I think it's really tied to what your dad wore. 30 years from now, Aqua de Gio might be called an 'old man scent'. So I'm wary of that one.

    My favorite comments have to be any scent with the description 'urinous' or 'fecal' included in it. I still chuckle at the thought that those two 'accords' would be purposely put into anything designed to smell good. And I've worn Kouros, so I know of what I speak.

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    Default Re: Has a comment here ruined -or- enhanced a fragrance experience for you?

    People who point out new notes and new aspects of a fragrance generally enhance my appreciation of it, because they add to my perception of the complexity of the fragrance.

    There was one exception, however.

    petruccijc semi-ruined Varvatos Artisan for me, because he pointed out a synthetic note which I had missed. It wasn't his fault, though - it was my fault for not detecting that damn note before my premature decision to buy.
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