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    Default Finally an Amouage that I love!

    So up until today I had tried all the Amouage fragrances except Silver and the Library ones and didn't really care for any of them. However, I got a sample of Memoir Man with an order today, and it is absolutely superb! Far from any of their other fragrances in my opinion, and in the best way possible. I know this will sound ridiculous but the best way I can describe the way this scent smells to me is like the essence of a deep, dark, haunted forest lol My only complaint is that it really only lasts about four hours on me, but damn do I love it, so when I finish my sample I may very well buy the bigger bottle of it. Anyways, I really hope Amouage continues in this contemporary but very unique direction I feel they've taken with this scent and I will definitely be looking forward to future releases from them now.

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    Default Re: Finally an Amouage that I love!

    Ahhhh Glad u like Memoir Man. I havent tried it myself, but it should be very good. I cant wait to obtain a sample.

    I havent tried the Amouages that u tried.
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