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    Thumbs up Fat Electrician by Etat Libre d’Orange - Review

    Thoughts? I like! A fragrance that has contrasting parts. A ‘fat’ part, and an ‘electric’ part.

    The “Fat” part:
    Vanilla bean, opoponax and myrrh create this. These base and heart notes lend to a warm vanilla like, semi-gourmand sensual feel. I’m reminded of Givenchy Pi here, but I like FE much more. These notes create a comforting, ‘round’ feel (insert ‘fat’). Very wearable and very likeable. Not overly sweet though. It doesn't have that sickening, thick goopy sweet feel. These notes are mixed very well.

    The “Electrician” part:
    Vetiver baby! This is the sharper, more rooty aspect of vetiver used. Some say it has a ‘metallic’ (insert ‘electric’) sense to it, but I don’t get that whatsoever. It’s a sharp dry vetiver note to me, and as a vetiver lover, there is nothing off putting about it. I’m also highly, highly reminded of the use of vetiver in The Different Company Sel de Vetiver here. FE has that same, semi salty gauzy accord to it.

    The “Fat Electrician” as a whole:
    Overall a very wearable, likeable vetiver/vanilla scent. Its Givenchy Pi with a masculine sharper top and interesting 'salty' accord that is not listed in its notes, but its there without a doubt. The overall feel is very warm and inviting, without being too ‘gooey’ and over vanilla like which I like (and keeps me away from Givenchy Pi). The salty/dry vetiver creates a very interesting pairing and offsets nicely the warmer opoponax & myrrh. It highly reminds me of Sel de Vetiver which I already own and absolutely love. Its so close I question if its worth owning both… but I’ll probably spoil myself and buy FE too, I like it that much.

    If you’re a fan of Sel de Vetiver, definitely give this a testing.
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