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Thread: Mazzolari Lui

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    Default Mazzolari Lui

    Lutens MKK with an overdose of patchouli. Whoa, this stuff is intense!!! Just got my sample. Also received CDG 2 Man which I like much much better than Kyoto and Avignon. Will see how both dry down.

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    I have a sample of this on the way too... pretty excited.

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    Use this sparingly unless you want to be a walking nuclear plant killing everything around you.
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    I love this one because it is not fresh/aquatic/light/transparent/ethereal/office-friendly or any other similar adjective. It's a f'ing real fragrance.
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    Lui is simply brilliant. the sample haunted me for a looong time so i decided to buy a full bottle. never regretted it, together with patchouly these are 2 of my favourite fragrances. Too bad the other mazzolari's arent all that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by md1grwl View Post
    I have a sample of this on the way too... pretty excited.
    Is it a decant or is it an official sample from Mazzolari? I ask this because I recently mailed Mazzolari in Italy about some samples but they said they don't have samples at all and I was wondering if they were just too lazy or something.

    I have a small decant of Patchouli and it is pretty nice (really strong) but not something I want to wear more than once or twice a year. Might be great for layering though.
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    Love it. It's one of the strongest fragrances I own. It's one of the few frags that I think is worth shelling out the $175 for.

    And yeah, I agree with petruccijc: This is a REAL fragrance for people who have no fear of fragrance. This is one that will put fear in others.
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    Default Re: Mazzolari Lui

    Strong is an understatement. This is the only frag that I felt caught in my throat. WHOA!

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    Lui is one of those special fragrances that I've received more compliments on than any other. Having said that, I realized quickly not to over apply because it will be with you for DAYS if you don't bathe often, lol!

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    A magnificent beast.
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    It's remarkable. But you must love patchouli and the scent of freshly skinned animal pelts.
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    This is on my list for my next sample order.
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    the drydown is amazing!! puts MKK to shame!

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    I agree that this absolutely BURIES MKK....That one is not very wearable to me, this though is actually quite nice yet very manly/animalistic. It's like a little powdery to blunt down the ridiculously rough edges....

    Some fragrances are so in your face it's a little ridiculous...this is more like a Chuck Norris stare.

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