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    Default your top 5 creed private collections

    There have been a good number made, many have been great frags in their own right but very specific scent profiles. So let's have your top of the Creed private collections that have been made, Royal Exclusives count as well.

    1. Vintage Tabarome: my all time favorite private collection they have made, this is a very professional and masculine blend with wood, pepper and tobacco. After this my other 4 are way lower on the totem pole I have only bought 1 private collection from them and most likely would not buy the other 4 but these others are ok.

    2. Cypres Musc: Very woodsy almost a sawdust type of vibe with a ton of musc, way too much to be exact. Love the wood smell but the overpowering smell of the musc ruins it.

    3. Windsor: To give it credit this is not horrible but on my skin it does not smell as fantastic as what others say. I respect it and I know many love it but not my favorite.

    4. Sublime vanille: the opening is fairly nice, still a tad on the fem side but the drydown does not do it for me since the musc in this one is not a pleasant one.

    5. Cuir de russie: I respect this fragrance but not for me. The smell is very dated and old and I am not talking about old in a good way but old as in a dingy, wore out way. You get a smoked leather smell but added with citrus and birch tar. The way it is made smells like something out of a basement.

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    Default Re: your top 5 creed private collections

    1. Vintage Tabarome

    That's all.
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    Default Re: your top 5 creed private collections

    Quote Originally Posted by petruccijc View Post
    1. Vintage Tabarome

    That's all.
    I know the feeling man.

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    Default Re: your top 5 creed private collections

    I actually like all of the Private Collection, but heres my top 5

    1. Private Tabarome
    2. Angelique Encens - more feminine but a very well done scent
    3. Bois de Santal - one of the best sandalwoods I've tried. Too bad its so hard to find
    4. Cypres Musc - This smells just like its name. A ton of cypress and musk.
    5. Aubepine Acacia - This one is a sleeper for me. I loved it from a sample and I feel it is a floral unisex fragrance. Love the hawthorn note.
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    Default Re: your top 5 creed private collections

    Am I the only one who feels that bois de santal was sweet and cloying?

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    Default Re: your top 5 creed private collections

    ^I find Bois De Santal not too sweet at all, but definitely warm, rich and cloying

    1. Windsor - exquisitely unique timeless citrus/floral/woody scent
    2. Selection Verte - simultaneously the greatest citrus scent and green scent ever
    3. Vintage Tabarome - I don't wear it, but it is truly incredible in every way
    4. Bois De Santal - top 3 greatest Sandalwood scent of all time
    5. Fleur de the Rose Bulgarie - greatest old school femme/unisex rose

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    Default Re: your top 5 creed private collections

    of the ones I've smelled (and own)

    1. Vintage Tabarome
    2. Windsor
    3. Fueille Verte
    4. Spice and Wood
    5. Cuir de Russie

    okay, i'll keep going...

    6. Cypres Musc
    7. Sublime Vanille
    8. Aubepine Acacia
    9. Selection Verte

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