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    Default extra eyeshadow!

    hi all!
    How do you get rid of extra eyeshadow from under your eye lids? i really hate that shade glowing on my cheeks.

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    Default Re: extra eyeshadow!

    Well when you pick up the eyeshadow on the brush, before applying give it a quick tap on the back of your hand. Some people blow on the brush.

    If this is happening it actually means you have too much product on the brush to start with. So start light and then build the colour.

    Have to say it doesn't happen to me with the quick tap method.
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    Default Re: extra eyeshadow!

    Thanks i will try to be more careful next time

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    Default Re: extra eyeshadow!

    When that happens to me I use transluscent powder an brush over my cheecks

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    Default Re: extra eyeshadow!

    I use a Q-tip with a little By Terry Eclat de Teint in Lumiere Rose.,soin-lumi...0400,16525.asp It works for smudged mascara as well as wandering eye shadow. It even has diffusers in it that make the skin there look better too. Sometimes I use it for a subtle highlighter on my brow bone too.
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    Default Re: extra eyeshadow!

    When I was a makeup artist, I applied foundation and concealer to the under eyes, last! This way, it looks fresh, crisp, and polished. Wiping away excess shadow, once you have already applied foundation, never comes out looking as flawless as it could, plus, you are just wasting your foundation and concealer by wiping it off. Give it a try, you will see it works great!

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    Great tip. Elise81!

    One can also use a primer just before eyemakeup, it makes the eyeshadow stay in place.
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    Default Re: extra eyeshadow!

    Do your eyes first, clean up any shadow fallout, then do the rest of your face. perfection ensues

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    Default Re: extra eyeshadow!

    Quote Originally Posted by knit at nite View Post
    Do your eyes first, clean up any shadow fallout, then do the rest of your face. perfection ensues
    I was just about to say that.
    It doesn't work too well for me though, i always wear glitter eyeshadow, and removing the glitter fallout is virtually impossible, so i just sparkle all over my face. I was never very keen on looking too groomed anyway :/

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