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    Default Posting reviews and contacting mods?

    I sent a review over 2 weeks ago. I know the review is on topic and (if I may say) written decently. It is not showing up. Moreover, I don't know how one gets feedback from moderators on whether the reviews are accepted or rejected and, if rejected, why.

    I guess I have two questions: (1) Does posting a review take longer than 2 weeks and (2) how does one contact a moderator about a review posting?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Posting reviews and contacting mods?

    To answer your first question: yes, it can take longer than 2 weeks for a review to be posted. Read about review postings here in the FAQ.

    Moderators do not have anything to do with reviews being posted, but you can contact any of us via PM. We can't get your review posted any quicker though.
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    Default Re: Posting reviews and contacting mods?

    Thank you, Shadesofbleu, for your response! I was really interested in how to ask about a review, perhaps find out if it has been lost in cyberspace, or been rejected for some reason... I'll be patient now!

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    Default Re: Posting reviews and contacting mods?

    Be warned, it can sometimes take many weeks for reviews to be posted. I think Grant approved a large backlog (of a couple of months) a few weeks ago. If the review is on topic and not inappropriate (i.e. contains rude words, anything libelous, unpleasantness to anyone etc) it will be approved...
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    Default Re: Posting reviews and contacting mods?

    Cheers Shades and Hirch. All reviews have now been gone through and either approved or not 99.9% are approved the ones that don't are as Hirch_DF says inappropriate or not a review. We get a lot of "Where can I buy this?" submitted as reviews.

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    Default Re: Posting reviews and contacting mods?

    Thank you, all, for the clarification!

    Well, my review is not there. It was a bona fide revew, without inappropriate expressions or questions such as "Where can I find this?" I guess it is lost, or I fail to understand the process somehow. I tried to p.m. Grant, but the system doesn't let me Oh, well, maybe better luck some other time... (Still don't understand, though.)

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    Default Re: Posting reviews and contacting mods?

    Yey, I just saw my review! Many, many thanks again to all members, who responded to my question, and to the moderators!

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