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    Default Included Fragrances Missing from "Brands" List

    Perhaps this qualifies as a minor annoyance, but I have noticed a lot recently that fragrances not included when the "Brands" list is pulled up nevertheless exist as if they were -- latest example: Amouage Epic Man. Click on Brands, click on Amouage, and Epic is not included in the list. Do a search for it and you'll find the full standard listing, with a few reviews. I have to think there would be more reviews if it were findable the "standard" way...........

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    Default Re: Included Fragrances Missing from "Brands" List

    I also find this very disorienting!

    I've seen this more often than not when looking over the Brands pages. Why are so many fragrances not listed there but listed in the Fragrance Directory, as Hackensack mentions? This causes confusion about which fragrances are actually in the Directory. This has tripped me up several times when searching through the Brands pages. Why the disconnect between the two?

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    Default Re: Included Fragrances Missing from "Brands" List

    And for that matter, some brands are not even listed! such as Six Scents, although their series 2 can be found if you search up a specific fragrance from the series.
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    Default Re: Included Fragrances Missing from "Brands" List

    Please fix this!

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