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    Default L'homme sage, Divine.

    Just wanted to know what you thinkg about this fragrance.

    I ordered a sample more than 3 years ago, and loved it instantly. My taste have changed a lot during these 3 years and with my last tpc order i took a sample of it just to know if it still struck me. Well, I got it 2 days ago and I have to say that allthough my taste has indeed drastically changed during the last years, I'm still in love with this fragrance. It s just as beautiful as I rembered it to be. It's a smell I never came across with any other fragrance. It is also so well crafted and eventhough I ve never been that fond of liquorice in general, the note here is perfectly balanced and I love it. Same can be said about the safron note.

    I find it simply sexy yet complex,longevity is pretty decent as well , and so is projection. This is one of the fragrance I really loved when I was new to the "fragrance world" and about which I did not change my opinion at all , maybe even prefering it right now than before. Amazing fragrance if you ask me.
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    Default Re: L'homme sage, Divine.

    i'm going to sample this today...........sounds very promising!!!

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    Default Re: L'homme sage, Divine.

    It’s a great perfume and really something special, yet very wearable and versatile.

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    Default Re: L'homme sage, Divine.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lorag View Post
    It’s a great perfume and really something special, yet very wearable and versatile.

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    Default Re: L'homme sage, Divine.

    I really like it as well. The only "knock" I can give it, is that it tends to wear closer to the skin on me than I would have thought.

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    Default Re: L'homme sage, Divine.

    It's a very complex scent that wears simple at times. By that I mean there are moments when it seems to transform more, yet other times it seems more linear. Coming off as spicy and warm, there's also a contradiction to be had as it's also has a tendency to smell "fresh". I do like it quite a bit myself and find it very versatile when it comes to settings, though I do believe it's more so for cooler/cold wearings when it comes to climate. Divine L'etre Aime Homme is also worthy of checking out, sharing some similar notes and general vibe, though being quite different as well.
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    Default Re: L'homme sage, Divine.

    I too, was haunted by the scent of my sample vial until I acquired a bottle. I agree that this is a unique and special creation. I love it and aspects of it remind me of Taure's L'Air, which I hold in high regard also. What I mean by that is the evocative quality of this scent. At certain times, especially in warmer weather for me, it's really magical.
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    Default Re: L'homme sage, Divine.

    Very few scents really jump out at me from the vial but I wore this one and was really impressed too. I'm still thinking about buying a bottle months later.
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    Default Re: L'homme sage, Divine.

    agreed, it's an amazing fragrance. Have a sample myself when Divine was still giving them free from their site. Unique with the Lychee thrown in, it's still one of my favorite and it really doesn't smell like anything else I've come across - and in a good way. Well made indeed.
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    Default Re: L'homme sage, Divine.

    This one has been at the top of my "Wear" list since I tried it last year. Very unique and I never get tired of wearing it.
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    Default Re: L'homme sage, Divine.

    I'm going to be the dissenter here. This has been a well loved fragrance here on Basenotes, and the hype was huge when it first came out. Seems that every other thread had someone recommending it for all kinds of uses.

    I just never felt the love for it. There is noting offensive about it, I just find it sort of bland and linear. It has always struck me as a sort of flat woody aromatic with not a lot of coherence or magic. Maybe I just got a bad decant, but I've worn it many times trying to smell what everyone else seems to smell in it, and I end up bored every time. There is obvious quality in the ingredients, but it just sits there on my skin. No magic.

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