Frankly, I'm surprised that The Apprentice has done tie-ins with Eastman Kodak, Mattel, Crest Toothpaste, Dial, Lexus, QVC, Levi's, Rockport Shoes, and even the NYPD... but not the fragrance industry.

That is about to change.

370+ store fragrance purveyor Perfumania is getting in on the act, with a little help fron a celebuscent friend. Perfumania, along with Lighthouse Beauty's Kim Kardashian fragrance (and Kim herself), are going to be featured in the Thursday, November 11th episode of The Apprentice on NBC. Even if you don't like celebrity perfumes, I encourage all Basenoters in the US to watch this episode, whether it's on live TV, or replayed using your cable provider's on-demand,, or Hulu.

This Perfumania press release has more information:

Oh, and if you're wondering "wasn't it only at Sephora?"... The Sephora exclusive ended a while back, and the scent is now being sold at Perfumania and their website, too. It will also be sold shortly at selected Macy's stores and