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Thread: Chest scents?

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    Default Chest scents?

    I've been experimenting with Pure Malt, and I've found that it smells considerably better when it's sprayed on the chest vs. the wrists/neck. I'm assuming it has something to do with body temperature, and perhaps having a Sean Connery chest-forest to absorb scent.

    Is this a thing, or is it just my imagination? Any other fragrances you'd classify as "chest-scents?"
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    Default Re: Chest scents?

    I think M7 is a good chest scent, if just to tone down it's projection some.

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    Default Re: Chest scents?

    IMO any scent can be a chest scent.

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    Default Re: Chest scents?

    Chest scents for me are those that are very strong, and/or are better appreciated farther from your nose (and also from behind the filter of your shirt).

    I can't wear Fahrenheit, but I do appreciate it from a distance, so if I were to wear it I would spray chest/stomach only. The overall impression of the notes blended together is pretty nice, but up close (being able to smell individual notes) it is quite harsh to my nose.

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    Default Re: Chest scents?

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    IMO any scent can be a chest scent.
    +1, I find most scents more enjoyable when the primary application is to the chest. For me, wrist application is only if added sillage is desired, or if I want to analyze the scent with close-up sniffs all day.

    This improvement becomes more pronounced for stronger scents.
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    Default Re: Chest scents?

    I love to put fragance on my chest, specially strongest scents....I love to smell it!
    In general Polo works good and Terre d Hermes too.

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    Default Re: Chest scents?

    Any can be a chest scent, but it's the stronger, richer ones that really work. Acier Aluminum and Bois du Portugal - both superb chest scents. I agree with M7 too, but that one is so wonderful that I have to spray it on my wrists too, so I can get a little up-close whiff now and then throughout the day.

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