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Thread: Best lip stain?

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    Default Best lip stain?

    I'm just starting to really get into make-up and I'm a little behind the times. I tried a lip stain for the first time & liked how long it lasted. I didn't like the color and that brand only has one lip stain so I can't explore more with that one.

    So, my question is, which is the best lip stain in your opinion? I'm not worried about hydration because I can always put clear lip balm over it. TIA!

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    Default Re: Best lip stain?

    Personally I love these one:
    a) Benitint - red with a rosy smell
    b) Poisetint - watermellon pink stain
    These are my favorites because they stay all day long

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    Default Re: Best lip stain?

    The problem that I'm running into is that I am looking for pretty much a straight stain. I intend to wear clear lip balm over it so I don't need the tint to be glossy or moisturizing. I just want something that will stain my lips for hours.

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    Default Re: Best lip stain?

    try these you will find the difference

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    Default Re: Best lip stain?

    Ok, next time I am at Sephora I will give them a test

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    Default Re: Best lip stain?

    try Josie Marin's lip stains at Sephora, also

    and Revlon's "once Bitten " lip stains are nice & have a lip balm on the other end (and they're under 10 bucks)

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