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  • Natural ingredients

    2 8.70%
  • Not necessarily natural, but evoke natural ingredients

    7 30.43%
  • Ingredients that smell nice

    6 26.09%
  • Other

    8 34.78%
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    Default High quality ingredients

    You often hear mention that such and such a fragrance uses high quality ingredients. What are high quality ingredients?

    Please answer the poll the best you can. If you choose "other", would you please reply to the thread so that we can all learn what is sensed as being high quality.
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    Default Re: High quality ingredients

    I chose "other." Maybe the chemists who work for Chanel are just better at what they do than those who work for Avon.
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    Default Re: High quality ingredients

    It is hard to say what is high quality. Natural is not necessarily high quality, or better than synthetic. I've tried quite a few organic perfumes that smell...well how can I put this, "farty". While some synthetic ingredients are really good, or just as good as their natural counterparts. The thing about natural ingredients is they really play with your skin chemistry, and have a lot of complexity, usually. But some natural ingredients are cheap and abundant, such as vetiver. So would you really consider a fragrance with natural very good smelling vetiver high quality? I would not say so, since while it smells of high quality compared to other non-vetiver fragrances, it's average when it comes to vetiver fragrances.

    For me high quality simply means something that smells very well blended, complex with a lot of development and complexity, even if it's a one-note fragrance, if that note feels slightly different every time you smell it and doesn't stay linear it's high quality. Of course relativity should always be kept in mind. High quality refers to above average, if such a note is always complex and developing (such as synthetic amber), then you really have to take a step further than that to have a "high quality amber".

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    Default Re: High quality ingredients

    Since a fragrance with entirely natural ingredients is a fiction or an oddity anyway, I chose to vote for frags with ingredients which may be natural or not, but at least don't smell too blatantly synthetic

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    Default Re: High quality ingredients

    to me a quality scent is a scent that has multiple facets and not lay flat on a singular note. Natural materials tend to impart this but im all in for synthetics that can do the same.

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