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    Default Problem with the Buy/Sell/swap section of this forum.

    Hey there, I have emailed basenotes about this issue and have not yet received a response. I am making a case that I should be allowed into this section of the forum because I am a fragrance reviewer on youtube. Whenever I do a swap or anything, I post a public video about it. I put myself out there and I am an active member of the fragrance community online. Is there anyone I could talk to or to help me with this issue. I would like to become more active on this forum and basenote community, but since no one ever answers my emails, I got discouraged. I just believe people who do reviews on youtube should be allowed in because they are showing their faces, their collections, etc. they are putting themselves out there more than most others.


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    Default Re: Problem with the Buy/Sell/swap section of this forum.


    The Marketplace is really a 'Thank You' for the people that support the forum, either by regularly posting; sticking around for a while or becoming a Supporting member. While I'm sure you are an active and admirable member of the fragrance community, where does one draw the line.

    However, we will soon have a way to announce your swaps etc via the wardrobes, which anyone will be able to do.

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