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    Default Bath & Body Works Oak = Must de Cartier Pour Homme ?

    I am I alone smelling this?

    I do see a little of the Obsession for men in Oak but the top has that sweet vanilla anis sandalwood which is very close to Must.

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    Default Re: Bath & Body Works Oak = Must de Cartier Pour Homme ?

    Funny B&BW just had an awesome website sale (20% off PLUS buy 2 get 1 free/$3.99 flat shipping) so I ordered Oak, Citron, and Noir, with the latter 2 being blind buys (for fun). At first it does smell a bit like Obsession. Must de Cartier is one of those frags that literally makes me nauseous now, I don't know why. Anyway, I don't get any Must when I sampled Oak last week but I did like it enough to order it. Drydown is awesome! If it smelled at all like Must I wouldn't even consider it.

    But that's just my nose and it isn't the best.

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    Default Bath & Body Works Oak = Must de Cartier Pour Homme ?

    My wife recently bought me Oak, Noir & Citron body wash. I rotate them almost daily and have used them for about 2 weeks. In my opinion, Oak is a dead ringer for Obsession.

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