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    Default Need help selecting perfume for g/f

    What are some good fragrances for girls in their early 20's? While I personally do like some niche scents, I am more looking for fragrances that I could pick up at a department store like Macy's. I want the scent to have the vibe of like a Miss Cheri Dior or Viva la Juicy (I'm sure many basenoters will detest this). Thanks for any and all input!

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    Default Re: Need help selecting perfume for g/f

    But Miss Dior Chérie or Viva La Juicy wouldn't work?

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    Default Re: Need help selecting perfume for g/f

    Hi Groban 1101 welcome to Basenotes! I think you should check out Insolence by Guerlain, Burberry London for Women, Very Hollywood by Michael Kors, Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson (my daughter is 24 and loves this one), Rose The One by Dolce and Gabbana, Tresor In Love by Lancome. All very pretty fragrances like Miss Dior Cherie.

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    Default Re: Need help selecting perfume for g/f

    Round up the usual suspects:

    Coco Mademoiselle or Chance, both by Chanel (Cristalle might also be worth a punt).
    Nina by Nina Ricci (although that one might be a bit too sweet)
    Noa or Amor Amor, by Cacharel (no idea if you can get these in Macy's).
    Gucci Eau de Parfum II or Gucci Envy Me

    For something slightly more unusual how about Dune by Dior?

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