I went to sniff Prada Ambre Pour Homme and Infusion d'Iris today - both weren't for me. But then I stumbled onto L'Eau Ambrée in the women's section. This was my impression:

When I sprayed, I was instantly in heaven - the top notes smelled just like the moment I first fell in love with fragrances -- when I got a whiff of the top notes of A*Men. Indeed, I smelled burned sugar and a strong sweetness in L'Eau Ambrée that reminded me of A*Men. As it dried down, L'Eau Ambrée went into a different, but still familiar, direction. I kept trying to figure out what it is, and then it hit me: the bright red sweetness of Dunhill Desire (red bottle). Indeed, L'Eau Ambrée continued to resemble Desire for the duration of its short life on my wrist (~ 1 hr) before I washed it off.