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    Exclamation Future of mens fragrance in the USA....not lookin good?

    Hey there, I was a bit worried about the future of mens fragrances in the USA. I am a highschooler and have attended American high schools before. Most of the boys know zero to nothing about fragrance. They LOVE aerosol body spray like axe/lynx, Tag, RGX, and whatever else. Some smelled ok, but they have no lasting power what so ever. There are Wal-mart stores in USA where good brand name colognes can be bought for low prices, but the boys of my age group seem fervently against anything but aerosol body with that said, can we expect to see a large decline in the sales of good fragrances in the USA over the next few years? Also the girls use those cheap body sprays in the plastic bottles. I however have a good collection of fragrances that I have acquired from traveling and simply going to nice stores to buy nice frags. But the Americans of my peer group dont seem to like my cologne much??? So whats going to happen to the fragrance industry in the USA? Should we be concerned in any way?
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    Default Re: Future of mens fragrance in the USA....not lookin good?


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    Default Re: Future of mens fragrance in the USA....not lookin good?

    I don't think there's ever been a time when 16 year old boys were, as a group, enraptured with fragrance.

    Things are just fine.
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    Default Re: Future of mens fragrance in the USA....not lookin good?

    When I was in highschool, this thing called "fragrance" consisted of underarm deodorant. Highschool students did not wear fragrances. When I was in university, the same was true; we did not wonder about which is the perfect scent to wear for quantum mechanics because the answer was Speed Stick. And Speed Stick came in exactly one scent... love it or select Old Spice because those were your choices. The idea that high school students today worry about what scent to wear, that they are exploring and thinking about the sense of smell, is all new. And if bodes well for te future of men's perfumery in America. Never before have American males started using fragrance products at a younger age.

    The Axe products are obviously low-quality and formulated for mass-market appeal. But they're not bad. For what they are, they're reasonably well-done. My hope is that they will serve as a gateway drug. From Axe, one graduates to Le Male or Boss or Cold Water, something like that. And then on the better stuff. But it starts with an awareness and Axe can create that.

    Just a few weeks ago, while coming out of my athletic club, I passed in the entryway a young man of maybe 15. And as we passes, I got a nosefull of Eau Sauvage.... unmistakable This surprised me for two reasons. First, Eau Sauvage is not known for its huge projection; he was obviously wearing a lot of it. And second, this teenage kid was wearing a designer French perfume. When I was in highschool, there was nothing like that done. I was also surprised because I don't usually think of Eau Sauvage as a young man's fragrance.

    So I disagree entirely with the OP. With products like Axe introducing fragrance to American males at younger and younger ages, I think the future is bright for male perfumery in America. In fact, maybe some will take up enough interest that we will see some American perfumers working at American labels turning out world-class stuff in the future (more than today).

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    Default Re: Future of mens fragrance in the USA....not lookin good?

    think of it as those who appreciate the fragrances have fine taste and class. :] unless its some extremely repulsive cologne but still, it probably would be better than axe and etc.

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    Default Re: Future of mens fragrance in the USA....not lookin good?

    When I was in High School we did not even thought of perfumes, maybe for a party or something, but the choices were Aqua Velva or Old Spice, maybe English Leather for those that had a better allowance LOL. Even in college the use of colognes was "rare". After graduation and a couple of month in you new "better paying" professional job that you started to think on using perfumes as an everyday routine. Nowadays kids start using perfumes very early (even if its just AXE), by the time they reach college they probably will "graduate" to perfumes like Le Male, Cool water, etc... so when they reach adulthood they will be much more "sophisticated" in the perfume field that we ever were. So it is looking better than ever.
    The only problem with the perfume scene here in the States is the manufacturers, Ralph Lauren, the icon of USA perfumes is releasing garbage juices after garbage juices (The Big Pony collection, all the Polo scents, etc) so is Estee Lauder, Nautica, CK, Aramis etc..., in that sense the future of USA fragrances is not looking good. I will continue buying French, English or Spanish perfumes until the USA industry gets the hint and start finally releasing good perfumes.

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