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    Default tinted moisturiser help

    Hi, Do any of you use one of these? Which kind/brand should I try? Any info is appreciated, thanks!

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    Default Re: tinted moisturiser help

    @ Brenster,

    My very best advice is to wear a tinted sunscreen. If you're not wearing sunscreen you're wasting your time with moisturisers.

    The challenge is finding the right product and shade of tint for you that will look natural and match your skin tone.

    Now, with that done (and you'll note these offer some sun protection):

    Skin Perfection Gel by Per Fekt:

    La Mer Fluid Tint:

    Laura Mercier:


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    Default Re: tinted moisturiser help

    Thanks for replying, the moisturizer I'm using right now is Nutragena and it is SPF 20.I really like it,but want a tinted one. I'll check out some of these that you are suggesting. thanks alot for taking the time to search out some links for me.

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    Default Re: tinted moisturiser help

    @ Brenster - if you're happy with the Neutrogena (and they make a very good sunscreen) have you looked at their range? They make a tinted moisturiser - called Healthy Skin Enhancer:

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    Default Re: tinted moisturiser help

    lol It just dawned on me that they might make one! ... palm/forehead I'm a bit slow
    Thanks I'm going to give this one a try.

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    Default Re: tinted moisturiser help

    @ Brenster - no worries - it doesn't help that Neutrogena don't call it a moisturiser - it makes it a bit harder to find when that's what you're looking for. I always figure if you're happy with a particular brand, then that's a good place to look for another product. The others I've listed are all good for men to use - but it's hard to recommend one because you need one with the right shade for you. That is a matter of trial and error.

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