I went to the mall today and strolled into Belk's department store to take a gander at the fragrances. The first display I saw, was the Ralph Lauren Big Pony series. I sampled each one on cards; they are nice, but nothing really spoke to me. I tried Polo Blue; the same reaction, nothing really stood out. I did think Marc Jacob's BANG was very nice. I sampled a few others scents, before moving over to the women's frags to pass some more time (I was having my oil changed at a nearby Wal-Mart.)

In one of the cases, I saw a bottle of Ralph Lauren Blue and was reminded of how much I liked it, when I smelled it on a woman at a local bar about a year or so ago. I got the S.A. to get it for me and as she did, she stressed that is was for ladies. I told her that I really like it, and that I was wondering if my sister-in-law would like it for Christmas.
After smelling it for a while, I was really thinking of getting it for myself. It has that sharp jasmine-y, indolic tinge (that can be a bit shit-like), mixed with honeysuckle in the very beginning. It somehow reminds of a men's scent that I can't quite put my finger on. I want to say Pleasures for Men, but I can't be for sure. As it dried down, I got more jasmine than anything with a tiny bit of calone. To me, it starts to resemble a knock-off of Serge Lutens A la Nuit, which I really like, but can't afford. I guess this scent could be a substitute, of sorts, and sure wouldn't cost as much.