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    Question Creed Orange Spice

    I purchased a small vial of Orange Spice today and tried it out. I noticed there hasn't been much discussion on this one here aside from the reviews. I have a few questions about it though. Is it being discontinued? What are the quality of ingredients (i.e. real ambergris, etc)? All and all I understand the Kouros reference, but it seems much nicer to me. Though released in 1950, was it really made for Victorian England's most flamboyant dramatist as it says on Creed's new website. I take it they are talking about Oscar Wilde.

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    I'm a fan of Orange Spice. It doesn't really smell very orangey or spicy to me, though. Still, it's a good, classic, barbershoppy men's scent. Ingredients seem to be of reasonable quality, but I can't really comment if any of it is real vs. synthetic. I always assumed Creed meant Oscar Wilde by that comment, but I think that might be a bit of a stretch. I read that Brian Eno wears it. Saw that on a photocopied list of Creed celebrity customers, which was given to me by a favorite SA. Brian Eno - yeah, maybe I could see that. Oscar Wilde. . . mmmmmm, not so sure. . .

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    Orange Spice, at first blast, is awful....that slightly fecal topnote of the civet....disgusting. I slept on this vibrant gem for years due to it's older ambiance, and it's terrible topnote. Once the topnote wears off, there is some slight clove oil and orange oil in there, but it is fleeting, and I iwsh these two elements were made much stronger. And while the scent itself, throughout all phases, gives an impression of heaviness, and is very tenacious....the Basenotes are really quite clean and soapy. This drydown could be freshened and spun into a much more modern scent, with much success I think. But as it stands now, it is the superior, well-mannered ancestor of Kouros. All the clean/sporty/soapy aspects of Kouros, with not much of Kouros dirtniness.

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    Default Re: Creed Orange Spice

    I find Orange Spice quite pleasant but haven't worn it in a long time.

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    I agree it is a well-mannered Kouros. I will wear again tomorrow and see what my thoughts are. The orange is synthetic and the base is soapy, but not as soapy as say Ambre Canelle.

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    Default Re: Creed Orange Spice

    Any other thoughts from Orange Spice users?

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    I use Orange Spice and it has been discontinued according to Creed in the UK along with a few others like ambre cannelle, baie de genievre, bois de cedrat, citrus bigarrade, santal imperial and zeste mandarine. It is soapy but in a pleasant way and I'm glad it doesn't smell at all like Kouros on my skin. I'm in two minds whether to get a 250ml flacon as there are still a few left, but there's loads of others I fancy for Christmas instead

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    Default Re: Creed Orange Spice

    I have Orange Spice. Think the opening blast of Kouros without the "dirty" follow-on scent. Still in production as a far as I know. A classic buy especially for anyone that is a fan of orange blossom.

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    Default Re: Creed Orange Spice

    I'm glad there some more interest in the old style scents. Most people would probably find them drab and not impressive today.

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    Well, I've had the opportunity to wear Orange Spice to work for the past couple of days now and would like to share my thoughts. It opens with a sweet mandarin type orange blast spruced up with some civet to add a little unclean element. Unfortunately, the orange is somewhat synthetic smelling, but not bad. Orange blossom comes in next with clove, ambergris, and maybe a little incense of some sort for a soapy, sweet base that lingers quietly. I smell the signature ambergris (sweet, sour, earthy) Creed accord in the base and am convinced it contains the real thing even if in mere symbolic quantities. Very nice, very gentlemanly, very old school. I will probably be buying a bottle when I get a chance.

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    "The only thing to declare about Orange Spice its genius."

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    It's straight up Kouros on me. I wore it at Disney World this summer (nice family memories) and I enjoyed it. Good stuff.

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    Default Re: Creed Orange Spice

    Quote Originally Posted by ChuckW View Post
    It's straight up Kouros on me...
    More like Kouros Fraicheur. Bought these two recently and the similarities are amazing. The extra citrus on the top of KF is the clincher. But then the differences again mark both out as beautiful and unique scents.
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    I wore Kouros in the mid 80's so, I'm quite familiar with the scent. I definitely got the Kouros sensation upon first application of Orange Spice but on my skin, the middle notes turned soapy and somewhat vague. After an hour passed, I detected almost nothing. I wouldn't suggest buying blindly on this one.

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