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    Default Layering Powerhouses?

    Hey, i want to know about layerings. Specially powerhouse layering.

    Theres a way to start?

    Im thinking on a crazyness like 1 Million + Joop! (my top 1 long-lasters).

    My powerhouses:

    Fleur du Male
    Le Male
    1 Million
    Silver Scent

    What do you recommend to mix up from my list?

    Ps: i already tried Silver Scent + Animale, but they are very similar, so doesnt count

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    Default Re: Layering Powerhouses?


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    Default Re: Layering Powerhouses?

    I can't stand layering complex fragrances.... 99% of the time it smells really messy to me. Some fragrances layer well i.e. single notes, Guerlain L'Art et la Matière, and several less complex scents. Powerhouses layered is definitely not my thing.

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    Default Re: Layering Powerhouses?


    I am a mixer myself, and I love finding new and crazy combos. While I would not consider the frags you listed as power house frags, I imagine you can make some interesting mixes.

    As far as I know, there is no rule to layering or mixing...just experiment and see what you like.

    I do have a technique to see if the outcome will be good or not: spray one frag on one wrist, the other on the other wrist. Then roll your wrist in a circular motion to generate a mixed air.

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    Default Re: Layering Powerhouses?

    Occasionally ( like today), I'll blend a powerscent with something smooth and easy going.

    This morning, I put 85% Eau de Patou and 15% MCM Success in a 5ml. atomizer and I like the results very much. That's not to say however that most of the time, the odd combos truly suck.

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    Default Re: Layering Powerhouses?

    Someone suggetsed it before but i thin Body Kouros + Pure Malt together work quite well

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    Default Re: Layering Powerhouses?

    i have body kouros but dont have pure malt (and are going more hard to get one)

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    Default Re: Layering Powerhouses?

    Maybe if you spray small quantities of both fragrances they will not get sickening. Although i think that you`ll have too much going on and will not get an harmonic result.

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    Default Re: Layering Powerhouses?

    I find the idea of layering intriguing, but in practice it usually ends up a fail for me. Messy, muddled and distracting; besides, covering up one fragrance with another prevents me from appreciating the subtleties of both.

    When it comes to powerhouses, I don't even go there. Most of them don't play nice with each other. (I will admit that I've entertained the notion of layering the original Angel with Ralph Lauren Polo, but that was after I'd had a few.)

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