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    Default Set Review: Lanvin L'Homme, Vetyver and L'Homme Sport. The pebble bottles.

    I love to do reviews. I want to know what the perfumers and the frag house itself were thinking. So when a house, in this case, Lanvin, puts three distinct fragrances in the same type of bottle, I take a closer look.

    I present: Lanvin L'Homme. Launched in 1997 and created by scent genius Alberto Morillas (CK One, Givenchy Pi, Mugler Cologne, YSL M7) creator of several Carolina Herrera scents. L'Homme could pass for a 212 Men flanker for this reason, not sure that was a smart move on Morillas' part. Either way, there is less of what I call the 'fried food accord' in L'Homme than there is in 212, which is good in my book (it is less 'nightclub' wear). This is great for office wear and a signature fragrance for that matter; better in cold weather, decent for snuggling. It is still very relevant today, especially if you don't want to smell like everyone else.

    Next up is Vetyver Lanvin. Same bottle, green jus, a ressurection of a classic from '64, created by Francois Robert, lauched in 2003. Consensus is that it fails miserably to replicate the original and therfore live up to the Vetyver Lanvin name. Don't know what the 1964 version was like, so I can't judge. What I can say is that it smells wonderful, one of the ambassdors of modern vetiver (clean, lite, fresh and not in your face). It is vetiver for the current generation, not the brut that Vetiver Guerlain is.
    It has nothing to do with Lanvin L'Homme. But it does target the same audience, and maybe there were some left over bottles...and that bottle is attractive. I like it; if you like L'Homme, you should like it too. Perfect for year round, reserved, 'man of quality and taste' aire.

    The latest jus to share said beautiful bottle is Lanvin L'Homme Sport. What is a sport frag? Something you were during sporty activities, I guess. But sport varies, Basketball is quite different from swimming, just as bowling and skiing are not related. So then, I think the frag houses should specify what type of sport their fragrances are intended for. Maybe I just don't get it.

    What I do get is that L'Homme Sport is NOT sporty. Neither is it a sportier version of L'Homme. Wait...isn't sex a sport? Or at least it can be, in which case, L'Homme Sport is perfect. It is a deep, dark, sweet sensuous tobacco, much like one of my all time favs, Baldessarini. There are others: ST Dupont Noir and L'Instant Magic. Sweet dark tobacco that will work for you and your sex-sport partner. Especially during cooler weather.

    It does have a little bit in common with L'Homme, but you'll have to wait to the end, where a little bit come out.

    all three are worth checking out, or a second look for those who are familiar.


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    Default Re: Set Review: Lanvin L'Homme, Vetyver and L'Homme Sport. The pebble bottles.

    I love your reviews! There are many people's reviews here that I look for when surfing through directory reviews. Your reviews have always been one's I've looked for when looking for perspective on a fragrance I've never smelt. We seem to have tried and liked similar things and furthermore, you seem to describe them in a way that I can appreciate instantly. Keep sharing your thoughts with the rest of the community as your contributions are much appreciated here!

    As for the L'Homme Trio (as I like to call them), I've owned the Vetyver and I currently have Sport. I have sampled L'Homme on skin so I feel like I have an accurate impression of it. All in all, there are varying levels of uniqueness and competency in each of these fragrances, but I think ultimately Lanvin does a good job despite all the criticism they get here. Vetyver is quite classy and understated resulting in a light, nearly imperceptible skin scent. I wasn't crazy about the final dry down but that's more of a personal issue. Sport is a beautiful fragrance and it is as richly layered a woody aromatic as you'll find in today's designer market. It too suffers from shorter than appreciated longevity, only managing 4-5hrs regularly. L'Homme Original seems to last the longest though its not as interesting as Sport. L'Homme would make a good, solid go-to scent for those times when you need to smell clean and nice but don't need to make a statement or arose attention. In the same sense, it would work well as an everyday work scent. But once again, they're all competent and pleasant while they're around.

    Great picture too!

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    Default Re: Set Review: Lanvin L'Homme, Vetyver and L'Homme Sport. The pebble bottles.

    Good reviews. I once owned Lanvin L'Homme and thought it was perfect for fall, rainy days. Time for a re-visit!
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    Default Re: Set Review: Lanvin L'Homme, Vetyver and L'Homme Sport. The pebble bottles.

    Andrew, nice reviews-- great idea for a thread too!

    I've not tried L'Homme, but I have the other two.

    Like you, I can't say much about the original Vetyver having never tried it-- but whatever they're making these days is great in my book. Once I get past the odd "Lysol in the bathroom air" blast of Vetyver, it gets better and better. The vetiver note is earthy without being dirty. I find a starchy, toothsome quality about it that is almost vegetal and as it blends with the skin, it's really attractive.

    I picked up L'Homme Sport blind recently and was surprised by it. I found something reminiscent of Baldessarini and Voleur de Roses (even though I don't think there's any patchouli in L'Homme Sport) about it-- not really sporty. I got it cheap at Marshalls and haven't really given it a full field test yet. I like it, but it was so different from what I thought it was going to be. I'll have to wear it to work some night this week.

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    Default Re: Set Review: Lanvin L'Homme, Vetyver and L'Homme Sport. The pebble bottles.

    Great experiential perspectives, Andrew.

    Lanvin L'Homme Sport is my favourite of the 3, and you nailed it well. Why Lanvin labelled this as "Sport" is way beyond my limited understanding of marketing ;0)
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    Default Re: Set Review: Lanvin L'Homme, Vetyver and L'Homme Sport. The pebble bottles.

    Thanks guys! So much love on Basenotes, puts a smile on my face!
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    Default Re: Set Review: Lanvin L'Homme, Vetyver and L'Homme Sport. The pebble bottles.

    Thanks for this thread. I don't think much of Lanvin L'Homme but I enjoy Vetyver & L'Homme Sport. And I kinda like the standing-pebble bottles too.

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    Default Re: Set Review: Lanvin L'Homme, Vetyver and L'Homme Sport. The pebble bottles.

    L'Hpmme Sport is one of my favorite surprise purchases. It was a total impulse purchase at a time when i was looking for something relaxed and casual to wear in a variety of settings. Got it for like $17 at Marshall's.
    It does have some traditionally sporty elements. It opens with a fairly fresh top, and there is some lemon, and that big round calone note that asserts itself right off, but its tempered by all sorts of aromatics and warmer notes, most notably pepper. Over time the sage, pepper, and lavender develop more, and it becomes a warm, comfortable fragrance. Lots of moss in the base, without feeling too green. Just earthy and warm.
    Silage and lasting power are good, without being loud. Always comfortable.

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